Thursday, September 3, 2009

One Week!

We've been a family of four for a whole week now! Happy One Week, Jorgia!! She is such a sweet and precious little baby -- such a joy! Darby Kate is still having difficulties at times, but things seem to be getting better. We have tried to take her on little outings here and there. It seems like bedtime is especially challenging!

We have been hanging out at home -- Bebe has been with us since Tuesday. Trev went back to work today -- we missed him a lot! Darby Kate has been playing with him a lot more -- but, still wants me to tuck her in at bedtime. I'm still wondering how things work when baby is crying and you are trying to handle a defiant two year old @ bedtime.............and you only have two arms...........any advice is well appreciated!

Just wanted to share a few pictures from this week. Not the greatest -- we've been staying very low-key. I actually showered AND washed my hair this evening!!!!

DK is gripping my leg before our family stroll

Here we go.......notice who is in charge of the stroller.

my favorite parts.......tiny toes
tiny fingers

ATNR caught in action

I'm wide awake some these days!

a little gassy grin!


Bebe taking a little tea break

wearing Daddy's pullover

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