Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Two Weeks!

Well, we've had another busy week here at the Coffee house! It's amazing how fast a day goes by when you plan from one feeding period to another! Darby Kate and Jorgia are doing great. Once again, I won't hide the fact that there are still times of major struggle -- Darbs still wants mama to do most things -- especially when I'm feeding Jorgia. BUT -- I'm seeing improvements everyday. Darby Kate is sweet towards her sister -- just a little on the rough side on occasion. I have to keep emphasizing how important it is that we are gentle with Jorgia. That she has a very tender spot on the top of her head. That we need to hold her feet NOT hands b/c her hands go into her mouth a lot. Just that kind of stuff. Bedtime for Darb's is still on a roller coaster. Some nights go more smoothly than others. We have had some good ones -- so I'm hoping things continue to go in that direction.

Mom and Dad kept Darby Kate for a couple of nights this past weekend. I felt like I was sending her away to boarding school when she left. She was happy as could be, and I was about to boo hoo. Needless to say, she was fine. And the time we had with Miss Jorgia was really nice. Trev was a tremendous help. We even all watched her first Razorback game together. She wore a pink Razorback onesie with matching pink razorback socks!

I received great reports on Darby Kate's behavior while she was visiting Bebe and Pappa. It amazes me how they flip those switches on and off depending on their whereabouts. She had a fun time going to play with her cousins in Shady Grove. They always have a wonderful time! We were very excited to see on her on Sunday morning -- she is such a beautiful and sweet little girl. I know this is a tough time for her.

We have had several outings this past week. For the most part, Jorgia stays in the car with one of us, but it was still nice to get out and about. We had a trip to Texarkana, several trips to the new house, Jorgia met Linda Lee for the first time, AND she had her first photo session in Hot Springs (I can't wait to see the pics!!!). We stopped by the condo, too -- so she saw the condo for the first time!

Here are a few shots from the week!!!

DK laid out taking a siesta

Pepper decided to join her -- she didn't even wake her up!

Jorgia seems to like the swing a little better than Darb's did -- yeah!!

Trev and Jorgia during the Razorback game (and yes, I tried at least 3 times to get a shot with his eyes open!!)

got Milk? oh yeah!

a little water fun

Jorgia watching from the sidelines

My girls!

Darby Kate loves to hold her sister -- Jorgia is not so sure about it at this moment.......

Darbs greeting her sis in the A.M.
love that deer caught in headlights look! HA!

first trip to the condo

sleeping peacefully..........she traveled PERFECT that day!

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  1. Oh Jodi, isn't this fun! I swear I could have more, but I don't think Corey will let me!

    Jorgia is precious! She looks like DK to me.