Thursday, February 25, 2010

6 Months Old!!

Jorgia Clay -- HAPPY 6 MONTHS!! What a joy this little girl is -- full of smiles and giggles. She lights up the room with her little expressions......I just can't say enough! I love her to pieces and try to cherish each moment (yes, even the ones in the wee hours of the morning) -- she is just growing so FAST!! She is now sitting up for long periods of time. She has no righting reactions, so when she goes down -- she needs help to cushion the fall (which doesn't always happen, especially if the loss of balance was created by her big sis!) Jorgia is very verbal -- she likes to play with her voice. She will let you know what she is thinking. Just the other day she defended her sister -- DK and another little girl were "debating" on who should have the book. Jorgia recognized this little conflict and rared up and started "telling" them a thing or two. She was defending her sister! She did this twice. Those who actually witnessed the event said there was no doubt what was going on! TOO CUTE!! She absolutely LOVES Darby Kate. She just looks at her in awe and breaks out in a full facial smile when she sees her. Jorgia lets Darbs rough house with her with little complaint (as long as it's not too near naptime). I love to watch them. It makes me so happy when DK says "I love you, Jorgia" or often times it's "I miss you, Jorgia".

Darby Kate keeps me in stitches. She is a little busy body. She is obsessed with her books these days. She says "I love my books". Which I totally love. She wakes up wanting to read, and goes to bed wanting to read. She's even turned down "shows" for reading (who would have ever thought!). She says cute things daily.......I'm amazed at her vocabulary and understanding of things. She is very particular about certain things........if she sees my sleeves pushed up after they have been down most of the day, she wants me to pull my sleeves down. She likes her food to stay in their little "assigned" sections. Last night she said, "thank you, mommy for tooking (cooking) supper -- it's licious (delicious)! She LOVES mushrooms. She is very animated and gets excited when she tells you certain when Trev came home yesterday for lunch -- she was jumping up and down to show him where we had his lunch all ready for him. Words just don't do them justice -- I wish you could witness these girls in action! Maybe one day I'll figure out the video stuff on this thing......of course, it seems like I'm always late to capture the Kodak moments......

So much to say, but NO time! I shouldn't be blogging now.....too much to do!! BUT, I've decided that if I wait for life to slow down...I'll NEVER catch up on this stuff!!

Off to work on "Women Can Run" -- the clinic starts this evening!!

Here are a few pics from our "6 month" photo session......I miss my NIKON!! One little shake and the photo is blurry! Oh well......we have it documented!

These next couple are older pics, but ones that I've played around when I didn't have a camera to take new pictures!
(I call this one her "GAP ad") ;)


  1. Love the dialog and the beautiful photos! Our precious granddaughters--what can I say? We are so very blessed! Thanks for the wonderful post, Jo.

    Mom (Bebe)

  2. I just love those little girls to pieces!! They are too cute. I am excited about our fishing trip so that they can all be together.