Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back in Action!!

Hello World!! Long time no blog! :) Where do I begin with my "lack of blogging" excuses..........well, here lately, a pretty good excuse is that we have been without the internet for almost TWO weeks!! I know. Painful. When all the house stuff was getting crazy -- that's when things went downhill. BUT -- no more looking back. Only looking ahead to the bright and beautiful future! I have so much to share and show about the girls. They are so much fun -- doing new and fun things everyday! I am going to try and go back and at least post some pictures from the weeks that were missed. I may have a story or two to go along with the pictures, but mostly you will be hearing about the here and now. Don't have much time to post today -- just wanted to let you know we're back in business!! (Miss Jorgia will be 6 months old in TWO days!!)

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