Sunday, July 25, 2010


I hope my girls have a great appreciation for nature. I think they will. They both love being outside -- it was the one go-to place when they were days old, when calming down seemed a million cries away. You take them outside -- ahhhhhh -- silence and serenity. I've always loved the outdoors. I love low to mid 70 temps best. I love bright green spring days. I like the smell of rain. I love that I get to see 6 or 7 deer sometimes when I'm doing my loops around the Strong addition -- even sometimes on our own street! I love to see Darby Kate's sweaty little head and Jorgia's sweaty little curls after they have been playing outside -- oblivious to the heat, but just having a great time.

I thought I should try and get these 9 month pictures of Jorgia posted (and hopefully soon, a few from 10 months) BEFORE she turns 11 months here in a couple of days!!

My "monthly" sign pic is becoming more and more challenging......Jorgia goes after it, and Darby Kate won't leave it alone (you'll see what I mean.....)!

Sweet Baby Jorgia -- 9 months

(I think before we even got the sign outside, Jorgia had taken a bite out of it. I was just trying to get it done.....take note of DK's hair.....)

rip it up, tear it up -- YEAH!!!

I think she is yelling "CHEESE!!!!" at the top of her lungs in these next few shots

I love this little firecracker!!

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  1. such cuties! I cannot believe Jorgia is almost 11 months old!!!