Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Several years ago, if you would have asked me what my favorite sounds were......I may have said, "the sound of ocean waves" or "the sound of a river swiftly flowing over the rocks" -- something cheesy like that. Ask me now, and hands down -- it's the sweet sound of my baby girl "talking" when she first wakes up. The way she plays with her voice -- exploring the upper and lower registers as she says hello to each and every animal in her crib. The sounds of pure joy as Darby Kate gets new bananas from the store -- squeals of delight and jumps of joy over the most simple pleasure in life -- new bananas. I love to hear her sing her made up songs (sometimes sung at the top of her lungs) -- it doesn't have to make since -- she just sounds so happy, and I love that! (although, admittedly right now - she could turn it down a few decibels -- my ears hurt!! :) ). She may not be America's next American Idol -- but, she's mine!!

This past weekend, we traveled to Shreveport for the Sportspectrum Rivercitites Tri. Our plan was to take the girls, but Dixie asked DK to stay in Hope and go to a wedding. Although we would miss her -- we realized it probably would make things a little easier with all the craziness of waking up super early, dealing with the extreme heat while the race was going on, etc. So Miss Darbs stayed in Hope, and Trev, Jorgia and I went on to Shreveport. We had a fun time! After we picked up my packet (which was very nice -- anyone who enjoys tris -- it's a great one to do!), we went to the shops down by the river. Trev was sweet to take Jorgia with him on his long awaited jaunt to Bass Pro, and I headed over to the Gap and Banana Republic. We both did a little damage and worked up a nice appetite. We had a our traditional carbo-loaded meal (although, I realize it's probably more for psychological reasons than physiological) at Macaroni Grill, and headed back to the hotel. Actually, we made a couple more shop-stops and THEN went back to the room. I must say, Miss Jorgia was a super-duper great trooper the WHOLE trip -- including the night. I always semi-stress about how everyone will sleep when we're all in the same room, but she did GREAT! I also must say, Dixie was keeping me posted with some super-cute pics of Darby Kate as she went with her to the Country Club before the wedding, and how she looked as she went to the wedding.........so nice to have when you can't actually be there to see them! (thanks, Dixie). I don't know what was going on in Shreveport, but according to the people at our hotel, there wasn't an empty room in all of Shreveport. The parking lot was crazy crowded which makes it so much fun when you have to haul bags, pack 'n play, baby, bike, etc. several hundred yards!! My alarm was set for 4:50am -- I like to get up and going nice and early the morning of a race. By the time we loaded up and drove to the race site -- it was around 6:15. Basically, from here on out -- things went fairly well. The swim went well, the bike was okay (except my bike computer didn't "wake up") and I survived the run. Trev and Jorgia were there to cheer me on and Trev even captured a few pics! I really appreciate him being there to support me, and to take care of Miss Jorgia during such extreme temps -- thanks, Trev!!

2010 Rivercities Sportspectrum Triathlon
after the swim.......

getting on the bike........

hey -- still smiling for the run!

the fam (minus Miss DK)

Sweet little sweaty Jorgia

toe sugar!!

I thought these were the coolest awards. Of course, I knew I wouldn't be taking one home that day -- so, I took it home in picture form!!


  1. I'm very proud of you Pooch! Dud

  2. Jo, you are looking great and I am so envious of you. I wish I could get my butt out there and participate in a tri. We are going to have to catch up, the girls are soooo cute.

  3. So proud of your dedication to fitness! Wish you had gotten that trait from me. :)


  4. Congrats girl!! Still can't believe you are doing it after two girls and pregnant with another! So excited for you all!