Monday, March 14, 2011


Hello Blogging World, it's me -- do you remember me? The mom that has pledged time and time again to keep you in touch with my family, the mom that has said never again will I let months and months go by without an update..........I'm BACK!!! Can't promise for how long, but here I am again. Of course, with the same hopes as each time I start the blogging process again......we shall see! I have updated our main pic and the girl's pics, but have to run for now -- will post more pics and update info soon!! Just wanted to let you know -- everything is in the works!! Have a great MONDAY!! :)


  1. Yea! Want to see a pic of mommy & baby 3! G & DK are so precious! KMO

  2. Girl, I have been waiting for the day! I glad everything is going well in the Coffee world. Talk to you soon big mama, ha.