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**(This is actually my SECOND time to do this post (which is why it is so delayed -- that's right -- a legitimate excuse! The first time -- I lost all of my info -- we lost our internet connection due to all of the pics downloading/uploading(?). I was pretty frustrated!! I'm way behind in the world of anything computer, so if anyone has a better way of doing the picture thing -- please enlighten me. I am uploading photos on here 5 at a time, so it takes FOREVER when you have a big batch. I welcome ANY and ALL suggestions!! :) )** (now it is putting this up as one big LOOOONG paragraph......I give up -- I'm pushing the "publish post" button and moving on! My apologies!!) Spring Break is winding down. Once again, it's gone by way too quickly. I know, I know. Why does it matter to me.....I'm not "working" outside the home, right? It's been nice to have the laid back mornings. Jammy time. We have gone to San Antonio and back. That kind of stuff. Darby Kate asks everyday "is there school today?". I like that she enjoys school. She knows that it is Kolby's birthday when it's time to go back to school.......she also told me that Miss Betsy (her teacher) misses her, and that she needs to go back to school. Enjoy it now, Miss Darby Kate......I'm afraid that won't always be your attitude! We kicked off Spring Break with a trip to San Antonio. This was my first adventure there -- we had a GREAT time! We went with my parents and my brother and his family. Mom and dad traveled with us. I hope they didn't regret that decision -- Darby Kate and Jorgia kept both of them on their toes during the trip. (due to my preggo belly -- I sat up front -- thanks mom and dad!!) :) Brady and his crew followed behind. Well, that was the plan anyway. We got separated a few times......Trevor has one direction on his mind when trying to get somewhere (you'll see more examples of this later on). On the way to SA, one of our several stops included one that was recommended by my friend, Mary. We had lunch at Rudy's Country Store. It was a hit! They have their system down pat! I second the recommendation to anyone that has a chance to stop at one of these fine eating establishments -- they ship you through like cattle, but feed you like kings and queens!! And, like my dad likes to say -- "eat here, get gas!!" -- all in one! Once we arrived at the hotel -- our rooms weren't quite ready. I think they decided to speed up the process once they saw our rowdy crew of twelve. Once we were settled and rested -- we headed toward the Riverwalk. SA was hopping on Saturday evening! I must say -- having little ones walking right next to an open River increased my nerves somewhat. That combined with the fact that all the little ones wanted to push Jorgia in the stroller.........BUT, somehow we managed the evening without the excitement of anyone making it into the river! Thank goodness!! For some reason, we thought that once we were hungry -- we would just be able to waltz right into what seemed like one of the hundreds of restaurants and sit right down. And, we could have.........after about an hour and a half wait!! This did not fare well for hungry kiddos OR a big hungry mama!! We didn't seem to shy away from a place that could seat us immediately. Turns out we should have. I had even read about this place online and it looked decent! Let's just say that there was little to be desired about this meal. My food was terrible, Jorgia didn't want to hang out in her highchair. She preferred to wrestle with mom and decorate my clothes with her food of choice.......particularly that which involved greasiness!! Argh!! On a positive note -- we did get to see a friend of ours and meet his fiance. It was getting a little late for the Baker crew -- so, they headed back to the hotel. I took Miss Darby Kate to find some ice cream while Trev and Jorgia visited. A few doors down, we found a Haagan Daas place -- yummo! Vacation ice cream. I tell ya -- they have you right where they want you. It was ten bucks for two scoops. One for me and one for DK (both chosen by DK of course). We took our two scoop, ten dollar ice cream down by the river. Darbs found us a couple of big rocks to sit on while we enjoyed our ice cream (and I did -- no doubt!). She was the cutest thing I'd ever seen. Ice cream was pretty much all over her face and running down both sides, but she didn't mind at all. AND to top it all off (I know I'm a big bag of hormones because I'm getting emotional just thinking about this) she looks over at me and says, "mommy, I just LOVE you!!". It's times like those that bring me back to reality and help me to realize the miracles of life. It makes all the crazy moments worth it -- and I love it. We found our way back to the restaurant after our ice cream and picked up Trev and Jorgia. What a fun, exciting, exhausting day!! I was nervous about the room situation -- we haven't all stayed in one room in quite a while. DK has mastered the skill of sleeping in her own bed while we are in the room, but Miss Jorgia is a different story. Trevor usually tucks in Jorgia each night, but I thought I would send Trevor and DK downstairs for a lemonade (DK loved that this place had lemonade each night -- her favorite!) while I got Miss Jorgia to bed. She fought me and fussed for quite a while. I finally had to just lie down on the bed with her until she passed out. At this point I transferred her over to the pack 'n play and held my breath. She fussed a little more and then stayed in zzzzzzzzzzland. Whew. Got that done. Now what? I felt like I couldn't make a move. Wide awake -- couldn't turn on the tv.....oh well -- I managed to turn the ipad on without bothering her. Trev and DK returned, and I tucked Miss Darby Kate in bed. She did great! All was well until about 5:40 am -- Jorgia's internal alarm clock went off WAY early. Fortunately, this place provides breakfast. Two mornings in a row, Trevor and Jorgia opened up the breakfast buffet at 6:00am. Way to go Daddy!! Sunday was our all day adventure at Sea World! Our plan was to get there right when the doors opened at 10am. Well,........the driver's of both vehicles decided to take a long-cut (or it was decided for them.......however you want to consider it). Once we made it inside and got everyone together -- we mapped out the day. We did and saw all we could do until the park doors closed. From the animals to the shows to the rides to the food -- we did it all and had a GREAT time!! I say "we" on all this, but of course I couldn't ride the rides. This is the second time I've attended a theme park while being pregnant. And I LOVE the rides........but, it was worth it being there to capture the Kodak moments and watch everyone have a fun, fun time! Darby Kate even rode her very first major ride. (see pics below) :) We ended the evening with a dinner at Joe's Crabshack. According to our waiter we received the LAST bit of a certain kind of crab......what? The crabshack running out of crab? Anyway -- it was a wonderful, fun-filled family day!! The final day was our go to the Alamo, Riverwalk, shop around, let the kids swim day. Trevor, Dad and Brady started the morning off with a documentary about the Alamo at the IMAX. I'm sure it was interesting.......let's just say there were rumors of head nods and heavy lids. When they returned, we got the crew ready for a trip to the REAL Alamo. It was only a few blocks from our hotel. The history of it all really is fascinating -- however, due to a couple of tiny tornadoes -- I found it difficult to focus at times. Darby Kate was much more focused on getting an "ice cone" from one of the machines she saw when we first arrived. After hearing this request around 152 times -- I gave in. We headed to get an "ice cone". It is there that I found the best bargain vacation ice cream ever -- for only $1.50 Darby Kate was able to get a yummy chocolate and vanilla Blue Bell ice cream bar! She loved it and all was well..........until she was ready for "ice cone" number two! We had to find another distraction quickly to keep the peace. Needless to say, we survived just fine. After leaving the Alamo, we made our way to Fudruckers for lunch. The gals did a little shopping that afternoon while the guys took the kiddos back to the hotel for a swim. We shopped around the artsy little area of LaVallita -- the shops were cute and quaint. I'm afraid the kiddos had chattering teeth and blue lips.......the sun didn't warm things up enough for them -- sorry guys!! Our last evening, we had dinner reservations at a place on the Riverwalk. Let's just say that the butterflies started flying once we entered with our twelve team entourage (half of which being under the age of seven) -- lights were dim, nice linens in place, wine glasses set........Our waitress did not like the looks of us either. Or, at least that was the feeling I was getting. When ordering our drinks -- I may have said something like "a child's water", and she quickly came back with -- "we don't do any styrofoam cups AT ALL. All we have are short glasses with straws". I was like, okay...........that will be fine. Did she really think that was going to be a deal breaker? ANYWAY -- the noise level of the restaurant saved us from any chaos we could have added to the atmosphere (which I consider to be a good thing). Things actually went okay (my only other complaint was that the girls waiting on our tables were a bit condescending......they acted like we didn't have a clue in the world.......whatever!!). The food was great and DK actually slept through the whole meal! We ended the evening with a riverboat ride and a trip to Ben and Jerry's! That's right -- couldn't let a day go by without vacation ice cream!!! There are many pics ahead -- sorry, had a hard time choosing!! Hope you enjoy! :)
Darby Kate was first in line to push the stroller!
Hey, I warned you folks that these were headed to the blog/facebook!

3 generations of Bakers (and yes, Dad is STILL giving bunny ears!)
Not really sure what Jorgia saw, but it got her attention!
In line for the day of Sea World Adventure!!!
Papa and Bebe, too!

This was my view of Trev at first......
moments later -- this was my view of Trev. That boy can walk FAST!
Jorgia and Bebe watching the dolphins

Jorgia made this "WHOA" sound all day when she would see the animals -- it was too cute!
Everyone lined up to see what rides they could ride -- first up, Miss Gracie!
Darby Kate wouldn't even consider doing this until she saw her cousins doing it -- oh, the influence of peers
the Bubster!
Miss Belle
The Coffee crew with the bird and bird lady
The Baker bunch with the bird and bird lady

Rollercoaster fun!
I love these faces of pure joy and fun!
Papa @ the Sesame Street 4D show (it was interactive as well -- and not bad if I do say so myself!)
Love those sea lions!
Jorgia really did watch those shows intently -- I was surprised!
Isn't he/she cute?
A dippin dot break -- vacation ice cream of the future!

Sweet little Jorgia missed out on the ice cream break -- she was catching an afternoon snooze
what a great looking couple!

DK took the initiative here and grabbed Brady's hand. Little did she know that reassurance would be needed momentarily......
up, up and away to DK's first major ride....
Trev peeping over one last time
The victory sign -- I guess he was telling us all is good.
These next two shots make me laugh every time! Note DK's hands in this photo......
Notice DK's and Brady's expressions in this one!
We did it!!!
We got a little wet!
See you next time, Shamu!!
The Alamo.........

Dad and Brady looking at the guns -- something they both love

ahhhhhhhh, finally -- got the "ice cone"
Belle and Trev on the Riverboat ride

Like I said -- all is fair.......


  1. Now that was fun! Great pics Pooch! Dud

  2. This was a most special family trip! We can't say it enough! What sweet memories were made! Love, love your post!

    Love, Mom (Bebe)