Friday, March 18, 2011


Is this weather gorgeous or what?!? The long awaited weather perfect for outside play is finally here! I love it! I will say it pushes bedtime back a bit, but the girls love to be outside, and well-- I can't disappoint my girls! Spring Break is upon us as well -- at least for Miss Darby Kate. Her very first "Spring Break". We started the break off by taking the girls to the Jonquil Festival today after Darbs got out of school. For some reason, we left the house with NO stroller......who planned that one? It was a little crazy and chaotic, but as always -- after all was said and done -- we were glad we were able to take them. They had a fun time, and we enjoyed a little festival food!! If you have a chance -- I recommend it! Old Washington is a fun little town, and the festival has really grown! It's beautiful, and a fun little outing with the fam! Have a great weekend! :)

Oh yeah, I have to mentioned that I'm totally pumped about my new camera!! Trevor surprised me the other day while we were in LR. We were "shopping" for what kind we exact plans to get one, and Trev gave me the green light that day!! We decided on the Nikon D3100. So far, I love it! I haven't done a lot of studying on it, but I definitely think it's helped in my picking back up on the blogging. I really love the camera/video option with a flip of a switch. Now, if I can just get back to editing some of my photos.........oh steps!

Darby Kate finished off Super-silly week with St. Patrick's Day........
and today was Hawaiian Day! We were in charge of the snack bag at school. "T" was also the letter of the week -- SO, we took Tropical fruit (fresh pineapple and kiwi), Tropical Trail Mix (made with honeynut cheerios, chex, goldfish, dried pineapple, & M & M's -- I put some shredded coconut in a baggie just in case the kiddos wanted to try it); and Hawaiian Punch!

Here we come, Jonquil Festival!

Jorgia was determined to hold Trevor's cup -- a disaster waiting to happen......

I'm thankful at least one so far is a Daddy's girl!

DK showing off her face paint

Had to get my new broom in a the pink! Who would have thought (lastly myself) that I would be excited to buy a broom at a festival!! The girl convinced me that it was like no other.....I'll keep ya posted! Ha!

Had to have a monster snow cone!

The Great Big Shark Slide!!!

All Smiles!! It was a hit! This thing was steep and FAST -- she came flying down with eyes as big as saucers! Glad she finished with a smile!

Too tired to walk at the glad Daddy is strong!! Mama was wiped out, too!

Had to snap a few jonquil pics before we left -- notice there are more of Jorgia -- DK was WAY out of sorts at this point!!!

Sweet Jorgia would say, "Mama, mama" (in this super-sweet voice) as she handed me flowers! It was too cute!

What? We're going home? (Darby Kate passed out by the time we left the parking lot!!)

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  1. I'm so glad you are back to "blogging!" These pictures of Trev and our sweet babies are just fantastic! More beauty than a Bebe can imagine, and soon sweet Lola will join them!

    Love, Bebe