Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Now I remember why turkey season is NOT my favorite time of year. I've been awake since I heard the door close around 4:40 a.m. After multiple attempts to return to zzzzzzzzzzzzland, I decided to catch up while I have the chance. In all seriousness, I don't think that I can contribute all of my insomnia to the turkey hunter. I'm definitely in the hard-to-sleep-due-to-oversize-belly phase. I can't believe I'm approaching the 37th week of pregnancy and have yet to blog about it. I feel terrible about that at times...I hope when Bean looks back at this stuff that she doesn't feel as though I didn't enjoy my pregnancy with her. I will just have to tell her that her two big sisters kept me busy, busy, busy!! I have done worse in all categories of, pictures, journal...oh, L -- please forgive me!

In a nutshell, things are going well with the pregnancy. I'm now at weekly visits. I had my first "check" last week and there is no "action" as of yet. Dr. C did say that she is hanging out low (I don't even think he had to tell me that one!), but no thinning or dilation is going on. She is officially due on May 14th. Although one visit he said the 13th...I guess that's because the 14th is a Saturday, and the doc knew for sure he was not PLANNING on working that day. :) We can possibly induce up to a week before that, BUT, if she will -- I'm asking her to hang in there until after the Women Can Run 5k in Conway on the 7th.

This pregnancy has gone by fast and furious. We are saying this will complete our Coffee Crew -- so, I have mixed emotions on a daily basis. The state of being pregnant is nothing short of miraculous. It only takes milliseconds of thinking about a tiny human being inside your body to realize that. From the beginning to the end -- purely miraculous. The aches and pains, awkward body, hormonal rollercoaster, and fatigue allow me to look forward to getting back to "normal"...whatever that may be (because there is no doubt in my mind -- after nursing 3 little ones -- this body will NEVER be the same!). I'm definitely ready to get back on the tri circuit. I've missed my swimming, running and biking days. Oh, but a small price to pay for our new little Coffee. I can't wait to meet her! I think often about how anxious I was when J was about to come along. Once again, it was difficult for me to imagine loving someone as much as I love D. (need I remind you that I was worried about loving mystery baby #1 (D) as much as I loved our dogs, Pepper and Lucy. I know. Silly, silly, absurd!) Little Miss J is such a tremendous joy. Words will never describe how wonderful and how much happiness she brings to our lives. People told me that things would be fine, and they were more than that. I am looking forward to my heart growing once more with this new little addition. Your other kiddo in no way loses any love. Your heart just grows and there is more love to give. Only God made something like that possible!

I will try and do better to keep you posted on the goings on with Baby L. There is likely action in the near future!

Sorry for the delay in the Square Foot Garden update. The last few steps took place fairly quickly, and we had some outside help (I was afraid they would think I was crazy if I stood there snapping their pics) -- so, I'm missing some photo documentation. While the Hubs was off hunting the Turkeys of Tennessee, we had some help making our Mel's Mix. We had gathered up what we could and our Landscaper brought us our missing ingredient (vermiculite). We divided all the stuff up and laid everything out and the mixing began. It was quite a chore for a group of four men...I think the Hubs was glad when he came home and the beds were full. Mom and Dad were spending some time with us (and helping me tremendously) so, I had Dad on garden duty. We got the supplies needed to build our grid....and on Saturday (a week ago) we went to work! I had my first drilling experience! Of course, things are not aligned perfectly, but I think we are good to go! It took us a while to get into the groove, but by the third box -- we had it down! It was a hot one that day, too! Thanks to Bebe for taking care of Miss J that day. D was with us being oh-so-patient (she had been to a birthday party, came home and took a naked outdoor shower, and then watched a movie on the patio). It was a tough afternoon for a 3 year old, but she really did well!

I will have to get some new pics of the garden soon. This is what we have planted:
several varieties of tomatoes, bell, anaheim, jalapeno, and cubanelle peppers, two kinds of radishes, carrots, green onion, lettuce, swiss chard, eggplant, turnips, cucumbers, okra and FLOWERS! AND -- we have many squares left! I'm telling you, if this garden works, this is the way to go! (said with fingers crossed!)

I must say -- the seed planting is a process! I don't know how well it will work (especially after all the storms last night), but we shall see!

The following are a few pics from the last couple of weeks:

D scoping out the activities at the party

I'm tellin' ya -- this garden work is tough! Dad's taking a short break....

D enjoying a COLD shower!!

Proof that I contributed to the building of the grid (otherwise, I would NEVER post such a pic -- look at that belly hanging over!!!)

I know -- pitiful. My belly button popped out when I thought about being pregnant!

mission accomplished!!

These are some pics from mom and dad's...the girls were NOT wanting to do what mommy wanted them to (shocker!)

A picture of the two of them together was NOT happening!

After several threats -- finally got a smile from Miss D they tried!

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