Saturday, April 2, 2011


Progress, progress! What a beautiful weekend to work on our family garden! Friday afternoon, The Hubs and I did a quick run to Texarkana and picked up a few needed supplies. We were able to get our peat moss, and we are working on our compost collection. Mr. Mel suggests that your compost consist of at least five ingredients. Since we have not done our own homemade compost, we are having to buy ours this year. So far, we have two different kinds...a few more to go! Now to get the vermiculite. I'm hoping to get that sometime this week. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Saturday morning, after a fabuloso breakfast cooked by The Hubs-- he started the daunting task of hauling wheel barrow after wheel barrow of sand to the garden spot. We ordered some sand (hopefully weed-seed free) and we had them to dump it on the street beside our house. I would say it's about a 70-80 yard trip one way. Quick reminder -- I had "ordered" my boxes so that the height would be 15-18". I'm now only wanting 6-8" of soil. Mel's mix is a little pricey -- SO, that is why we are having to put sand in the bottom of our beds. My husband is too nice for putting up with me!! ANYWAY --- the Hubs probably made 20 round trips to the sand pile and back. He was tuckered out at the end of the morning to say the least!

 Little did we know that the girls would enjoy the sand pile as well!! During our ins and outs and back and forths, we returned to the sand pile to find Miss Spice and Sugar right in there! This surprised me a little with Sugar. She's not one to love the grit and sand -- although, she is getting much better about it at the beach. Spice on the other hand -- she would roll around in mud like a little pig if I would let her. Our neighbors had watered their yard and made for a great puddle right next to the sand pit -- Spice was having a good old time! My initial thought was to get them out of there. BUT, then I realized that this was a great way to keep them busy while we got our garden work done. Everyone was happy!

 It's really been a great weekend. We finished the weekend off by going to church this morning, a family nap in the afternoon, and finished up some work and a trip for a snowcone this evening. Back to school tomorrow!!

Dressed and sunscreened up -- released and running!! Spice headed straight for the swing (ya like the sunscreen hair do? This bothered Sugar -- she is NOT into change. She flattened it out several times before I could let the Hubs see it!) The Hubs removed the grass from under the boxes. The girls were checking this out! Bye bye grass! The next step was to cover the ground with weed cover. Sugar was very helpful with this step! She lined the corners up -- just right!! The Hubs secured the weed cover with stakes Grass gone + ground cover

Spice was there for moral support :)
My sweet little farmer!
say cheese!!

One of the many trips with sand

time for a little break!
come on, Hubs -- almost done!!
fun at the sand pile/mud puddle!

Pepper was real concerned -- she hung out in the middle of the street!
This is a picture of our pomegranate tree. We planted two last year. This one seems to be doing pretty well. I think it's the coolest thing to think this thing might actually have pomegranates on it one day...or year (I think it may take 6-8 years to produce fruit). That's quite a wait, but it will be well worth it! My other one isn't looking too good........
These next few pictures are of my little herb garden. I love cooking with fresh herbs! I also love an herb garden because it's a place where you can have a little fun and make it your own. All the things in these pictures are from what I planted last year. I haven't gotten my stuff yet for this season (that's why there are several empty pots).
the front pot is lemon verbena (I think) and the back pot is parsley
the smaller pot is mint, and the larger pot has garlic chives

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  1. The beds look great! Looking forward to some food grown by these cute, cute farmers! You may have to get a permanent sand pile now! Also, the herbs look so pretty! Keep this blog going!

    Mom (Bebe)