Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5.11.11 (contin.)

I'm going to have to break this up into several posts, because obviously, it's taking me FOREVER to get this done! This will at least cover up to when Miss Lola was born (hopefully. I seem to get very distracted these days.......) :) ANYWAY -- the plan was to blog right along, just as I did when Jorgia was born. Well, things moved a little more quickly than before (as several warned me it would). Here's the recap: We were scheduled to arrive at the hospital around 5:30a.m. Our whole crew stayed at Babe's lakehouse Tuesday night. The girls stayed in the house with Babe, and Trevor and I stayed in the loft (thanks, Babe! It's sooooooo nice!) Of course, I tossed and turned quite a bit and made it into the shower before my alarm was set (~4:30). Once Trevor was ready to go, we took a few "before" pics and off we went. They had us to come in the ER entrance. Another family was headed in the same direction, so the man at the front had them to follow us. Funny thing, was that we looked like we were staying for a week and they didn't have a bag with them! Let's just say I like to be prepared!

Once they got me all checked in, placed in a lovely gown, and poked and prodded a little -- they started the pitocin drip around 6:30a.m. There was a little down time then -- and I heard the nurse mention that they like to cause a little pain before they administer the epidural. Basically, wanting me to feel the contractions. Not bad, I thought. I can handle this. SO, around 7:25a.m. Dr. C. came and broke my water. This was quite uncomfortable for me. Uncomfortable enough to where I think I would have remembered it had it happened like that before. They tried to convince me that this was the way we did it last time, but I still beg to differ. YOUCH!! And what a yucky feeling to have this fluid gush out of you and then continue to seep out with each contraction or major movement. ANYWAY, needless to say, I did survive and we pressed on. (oh yeah, did I fail to mention that I have an extremely LOW pain tolerance. So, if you already had the thought that I am being a baby........well, you're right!!) I'm getting a little anxious about receiving the epi. My nurse, as she leaves me and goes about the shift change, ensures me that they will go ahead and place the catheter for the epidural as soon as possible, but I will have to be dilated to a 3 or 4 before the administer the good stuff. Once again, things happen VERY different than I remembered from previous experiences. They came to place the cath around 8:00a.m. This time, it hurts! And, I'm pretty sure it would have hurt someone with a higher pain tolerance than mine. For REAL!! Nothing against the guy that placed the cath, but I started getting pretty nervous when he spent several minutes finding his anatomical landmarks.......usually, my bony prominences are not too hard to find. But, then again, I had put on the pounds -- so, I'll give him a little benefit of the doubt there. AND, he had also given me the spill about how each person is different, and not everyone reacts the same, yada yada yada. I could just tell immediately something wasn't right. Things were not feeling the same on both sides. I could feel the little "sample shot" more so on the left than the right, and it felt like he hit several nerves on the left when placing the catheter. I'm not saying that my crazy brain didn't imagine a few extra shocks here and there. But, I'm tellin' ya -- it was different. And for me -- in that instance -- different was NOT good!!

Now it was time for me to "hurt". Things continued to progress. I was definitely increasing in intensity of contractions and decreasing time between contractions. I was ready for some R-E-L-I-E-F!!! My nurse came and checked me and I finally met the criteria -- I was a FOUR! Yes, time for the meds. The CRNA came and gave me what I thought was going to get me through the next several hours.......nothing happened. No tingle. No not feeling the contractions. No nothing! I was not shy about telling them I was still in pain. (yeah, just ask Trevor and my Mom) They assured me that they would get it corrected and that things would soon be hunky dorrie (sp?). The intensity of the contractions were getting to point that this tender pup couldn't stand. I began threatening Trevor and my Mom. For some reason, that thought there was comedy in all this. Yes. They were laughing!! Now, keep in mind, the pain was making me a little crazy...and we all KNOW I really didn't want them to leave........but, I told them to leave. About one second later, I said, "no, don't go!!" Basically, I was talking out of my head (only it was pain causing it and not even any loopy drugs!) I also told Trevor that I felt like I could bite his hand off. I know, it was silly -- but, let me attempt to explain. The pain was in a way that when I tried to squeeze his hand, it made me nauseated. Not sure why on that one. But, I felt that if I was able to bite down on something -- things might just be a little better. Don't worry -- even though he offered up his hand -- I never bit him (with 3 girls -- I know better than that -- we NEED those hands! :)). I resorted to the trusty ole "Bongers". If you've never seen bongers or don't know what they are -- I have posted a pic. They are firm balls that can be used to "tap" on pressure points or sore muscles or in my case -- trying to distract you from the current pain. I really do like them for something like childbirth -- just make sure your spouse or whomever is holding the "Bongers" bongs you somewhere where you do have full sensation. Otherwise -- they won't do the trick. When the contractions were super strong -- Trev was working the bongers while I was about to rip the rails off my bed. The CRNA was continuing to shoot whatever it was into the epi and I was continuing to beg for pain relief. My legs finally began to tingle. I thought -- whew -- this may work in time. BUT, I could still feel the contractions. Once again, I KNEW this wasn't right. With my previous two labor and deliveries -- we're talking IMMEDIATE relief once the meds were administered. It was like, sit back and sip on a lemonade relief (if that were allowed). Like, never another pain felt until the next day relief. Anyway -- that wasn't happening -- the nurse checked me and I was a NINE -- and I knew this thing was about to take place with some of my nerves intact and wide awake. I was able to place my right leg in the stirrups and move my feet up and down (which scared me death!). I had a good little freak out cry right before saying that I couldn't do it. I didn't want to feel this. I was a wimp, etc. etc. Dr. C. listened to me whine and said we are doing this. It's time to push. And that's exactly what I did. I pushed with each contraction. I think I pushed when there wasn't a contraction. I was ready for Miss Lola to enter the world. After three contractions -- our beautiful baby girl was here! I was elated (for more reasons than one) -- and she was/is healthy and beautiful!! What a miracle it was to experience, see, hear, ........everything about it. And once she was out in the world -- my pain was pretty much relieved right away. I've said this time and again -- if someone can witness childbirth or be a part of it -- I don't see how they cannot believe in God.

So, yes, I'm a little dramatic. Not that what I said above isn't true.......but, I do realize that it all took place within a couple of hours. For that I am EXTREMELY grateful!! God never gives us more than we can handle........he knows me well.

I will hopefully post more soon. There are many adventures left for this Party of Five!! :)

Trev using the "bongers". Notice the grin on his face and the grimace on mine!!

Thank goodness this is the next pic we had.....the first time we met. Love at first sight!

The Fam

Unkie Brady checking Miss Lola out

Jorgia giving a big squeeze to Daddy

DK LOVES holding Lola

Babe and Lola

Pappa and Lola
Bebe and Lola
Jorgia wanted to call and tell all her friends about her new baby sister!

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