Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Just in case you are wondering how the Coffees are making it in the "Party of Five" world, well, it's pretty wonderful. Now, within the realm of wonderful -- it's wonderfully hectic, and crazy and stressful at times as well, but there have already in this short, almost-month been some pretty wonderful and memorable times. I've vowed to take everything in with this little one. So, my blogging has definitely taken a backburner to the here and now at the Coffee House. Never fear, I have been doing my best to document everything (via pictures, journal, etc). I have a GAZILLION pictures (well, make that 500 short of a gazillion thanks to Hope's Verizon store.....but, I'll try not to "go there" right now). I will be posting them at random because, well, I just will. I hope my daughters will enjoy looking back at their lives......seeing all the pictures, reading the journals and blogs. BUT, it will be somewhat of a puzzle. Organization is a dream of mine, and so far from reality that I'm afraid it never will become one. It's all here though in some shape or form.

I can't believe that summer is here!! We are well into June, and Darby Kate's fourth birthday is right around the corner. I'm trying to get her to commit to a theme (this is her first year to be privileged to that choice), but that is rather challenging right now. She changes her mind with the wind. I think I'm going to give her 3 choices and tell her she must decide! (the three choices will come from one of the many she has told me -- don't worry -- I'm not going back on my word!) Jorgia's birthday is going to be a "sunshine" party!! For those who know me, know that partys can be a source of stress. Eustress AND distress. (I'm sure Trevor views it as the latter) I have so much fun finding all of the stuff, making the food, and coordinating with my party support (Trevor, mom, dad, Dixie, Clancy, Bill, and whoever else I can talk into helping!) It's just when it comes to execution the day of.......NOT my forte. But each year it seems to get bigger and bigger! My goal this year is to simplify. I'll let you know if this really happens.

Jorgia is going non-stop! She is my tiny-tornado. My little gecko. And thankfully, a daddy's girl! I love seeing her light up when Trevor comes home from work. She runs into his arms and gives him a great big hug and a "HEY!!" I know he loves it, too. If we can get this "screaming" phase out of the picture......things would run much more smoothly. This ear piercing scream about everything is not my favorite. Fortunately, she can just about as quickly turn around and give you the heartiest laugh or sweetest hug and make you forget all about it. I love that little mess!!

Little Miss Lola. What a pure joy! I'm still in my majorly protective mama phase (as if that ever goes away). You know what I mean though........the germaphobic don't want to take her anywhere and guard her hands with my life phase. This usually slacks up around the six week mark for me. I don't know if it will with her. She's my last tiny one. It's hard for me to let go. She is growing SO fast! I know she's a good 9 or 10 pounds (we will find out for sure at her 1 month visit coming up soon). She's doing really well at night. I'm still putting her down after a late feeding (around 10:30 or 11:00), and she wakes up around 3 or 4 a.m., and again between 7 or 8. She's just as sweet as she can be! The girls love her to pieces and give her lots of sugars on her tiny head (Jorgia's sugars can be a little aggressive at times).

I'm hoping to do a garden post soon......but need to run for now! Have a great day! : )

Here are some more pics from the first few days of Miss Lola's life.......

Trevor and his "comfy" bed at the hospital......he was VERY excited that I said we could go home after ONE night! :)

one of my few yawn pics...I LOVE baby yawns, but I never seem to be able to capture them!

the super-cute pink wreath made by Bebe!

what a sweet little angel

the nurse was impressed at how well Trevor had her buckled in her carseat....I guess he has become an expert!

see ya later, St. Joe's!!

the night we came home from the hospital was Darby Kate's 3 year old preschool graduation -- what a beauty!

Bebe and Jorgia

first morning waking up in her new home!

headed to first doctor's visit!

Lola and Dr. D!

this was a very entertaining play session. I was taking the pictures from the kitchen window. Guess who was in charge?

swimming fun......

first time hanging out by the pool

this little one had teeth chattering up a storm, but wanted to stay and play!


  1. I've looked at and read your latest blog several times but have not commented. I love every photo and every word of it, as usual! I'm so proud of you--you are a wonderful mommy and Trevor is a wonderful daddy for our precious granddaughters! Thanks so much,

    Mom (Bebe)

  2. Forgot to say I'm so looking forward to your next blog entry!