Thursday, August 4, 2011


Say it ain't so! Summer has come to a close....Darby Kate's first day of school is Wednesday!!! I'm fretting because I won't be the one to take her to school that day. I know....horrible planning on my part. I will say that when I committed to this particular event that I was unaware of the first day of school. So, Trevor will have the privilege of taking Darbs to her first day of K4. She has attended one year of preschool, but this is at a new school. And, of course I want it documented properly. (I'm afraid most of the picture taking will have to take place while at home, but I have requested for at least one picture via cell phone.....we shall see if that happens.) Yes, it will save some tears on my part.....maybe......we shall see on that one too! Darby Kate really loves school -- she seems so excited. She will be going from 8:00-2:30 -- so it will definitely be an adjustment.

Jorgia's second birthday is right around the corner as well. My tiny tornado turns two! We are definitely feeling the twos coming on strong. One minute she's giving you the sweetest hugs and sugars.....the next she's kicking and screaming in a full-out flail. Thankfully, the sweet moments outnumber the latter, but those temper tantrums can take their toll. Especially in this heat!! You take the outside temp of 107, add a Jorgia temper tantrum (which causes my blood to boil) = one HOT mama! ha! In all seriousness, she really does amaze me. It seems as though her vocabulary increases daily. She understands EVERYTHING, and is getting better and better at verbally expressing most things. She's her big sister's shadow. Everything Darby Kate does -- Jorgia's right there to give it her best shot. For some reason that applies to all instances except for potty time. For a while there, she was showing quite a bit of interest in using the potty. She would grab our hand and excitedly run to the potty. No action, but with expressive intent -- she would sit on the potty. These days, she tells us occasionally (usually after the fact) and is more excited to get the paper and flush (which I try to prevent due to failed attempt)! ANYWAY -- all in good time, right?

Sweet Little Lola will be three months old in a few days. My oh my she is so, so sweet! I just can't get enough of her! Literally. The day just doesn't allow it. Chasing after two active ones doesn't allow it. I try and appreciate and love every moment with her. The early morning feedings to the breastmilk doodles to the sweet sweet sounds of her precious voice. I love it all. And for wondering minds out there.....our family of five is complete. No more for this wild bunch. I'm actually having some difficulty with this....and I have trouble explaining it to myself (yeah, that sounds strange, but whatever). Everything practical screams ENOUGH already! But when I look into that angel face of hers -- I get sad to think I will never have another sweet little baby of my own. I will never have another that I will be that close with. Then the guilt comes. I realize I have three beautiful, healthy girls. For that I'm forever grateful. I guess it's human nature that takes over and always wants more. I'm working on it though. I've been talking to God about it. It seems as though the times I really get into it with Him about it -- I experience a wild and crazy day. And then I think, "okay, God -- I hear ya!!!"

The following pictures are from Darby Kate's fourth birthday party!!! She chose a cupcake theme -- and it turned out really cute! I could have in no form or fashion pulled it off without the help of a wonderful crew: Trev, Bebe, Poppa, Babe, Poppy, name a few. Thanks so much for all of your help!!

**during the completion of this post we had DK's 4 year visit. She weighs 38 pounds and is 41 3/4 inches tall. That places her in the 50th percentile for weight, and 75th percentile for height!

Here's the birthday girl! Believe it or not -- she had a really cute sundress with a cute little cupcake pin my mom made, but before I could get a picture of her in it -- it was off to the pool!! Little Lola -- hanging out watching all the action

My Jorgia....what a little ham!

Little Turner -- Jorgia's sidekick
Miss Maggie

peas in a pod (or in this instance, a pool!)

the kiddos got to decorate their own cupcakes

the finished product -- looks tasty, huh?

Brady is concentrating on making his cupcake just right!
Gracie girl with her yummy cupcake

Maggie working hard on her decorating

Belle...making it just right
Miss Emerie really enjoyed her cupcake!

DK making yet another cupcake.....I think she decorated 4!

trying to get to the goodies!!

Gracie loves holding her cousin Lola! Lola LOVES hanging out with her cousin Gracie! :)

And, as's all about the details! Everything PINK and CUPCAKE that we could find!!

see how nicely those paper lanterns are hung -- Trev did a great job!! :)

I thought this was super cute -- thanks, Bebe!

we turned our baggo game into a cupcake! Great idea, Babe!
the all purpose pink wreath -- this time with super-cute appliques made by Bebe
can't forget the birthday candle!

FOUR cupcake balloons!

a cupcake cake -- made by Babe

cupcake toppings

these were super easy and super yummy! Rice Crispy cupcakes!!

Love my Happy Everything plate!

DK specifically requested a pinata this year....they made this one particularly tough!

I made her favorite sandwiches (strawberry and cream cheese), and found some strawberry hostess cupcakes
These mini cupcakes were delicious! Made by Clancy and Babe

the treat bags for the pinata candy
the take home treats, cupcake cake pops -- made by Bebe and Poppa -- thanks SO much!! They were perfect!

**whew! this particular post took me forever! I would LOVE for someone to show me an EASIER way to load pictures on Blogger. It takes forever to load, then another forever to get rid of all the space! To my dismay, I actually deleted several pictures during the process of attempting to rid the space in between the pictures -- ARGH! Oh well -- hope you enjoy!


  1. Hi Jodi!

    The cupcake party looked so cute! Your girls are precious! Can you believe James and Jorgia are going to be two so soon! I can't!

    I wanted to give you a tip, see it this helps:
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    Beside Select Post Editor click "Updated Editor"

    Hope this helps with uploading and spacing. It sure helped me. Removing those spaces was such a pain!


  2. Love this post! This party was so much fun to prepare and, especially, see those precious faces express such pleasure!

    Mom (Bebe)