Thursday, October 6, 2011

Family Fun Day at the Herb Farm

At least that was the plan anyway.....




and it started off in the right direction......

Old Columbus Herb Farm.  I love that little place!  Mrs. Diane Young is the sweetest person you'll ever meet -- and loves to talk organic gardening.  I didn't want to miss her very last Fall Family Fun Day (they recently sold their farm). 

Opening day of bow season = going to "Family Day" without daddy.

This wasn't going to slow me down.  No way. 

AND, the Hubs actually pulled into the driveway just as I had loaded up the girls.  But for some reason, I didn't think to go ahead and leave Miss Bean with him.  I was determined to get some cute pictures and I didn't figure Little Bean would cause too much of a stir.

The girls seemed excited to go and get out and about.  It was a beautiful day.  When we arrived at the Farm, the parking lot was packed.  We had to be directed to a particular spot -- one that hugged right up next to this big bush.  It complicated getting in and out of the vehicle......just a little bit.  THEN I attempted to push my non all-terrain, double in-line stroller across pea gravel.......yeah -- it wasn't working too well.  Bean was on the 2nd row, Spice on the front.  Meanwhile, Sugar was pulling and tugging me in several different directions. 

Fun so far!!

We headed straight for the kiddo activities.  Good ol' fashion fun for the kids -- bait castin', hand paintin', bead stringin', bean bag tossin'....just plain good fun!

And we did just that.  We had hands painted, we made a beaded bracelet, we used MARKERS to draw color pretty fall pictures. 

Then it was time to head home.

I had just placed an order for some delicious chicken sandwiches with fresh arugala.  My plan was to get the girls loaded up in the car, dash back over for the food and take off for home.

Sugar decided to have a major meltdown over me not cutting the extra string off of her beaded bracelet (trust me -- you don't want to hear the long version of the story).  She is literally hanging on my leg as I am spinning my wheels behind the stroller -- meanwhile -- the girl from the snack shop kindly brings me our food.  So now I'm holding our box of food (no handles -- just holding the box...kind of like a small pizza box), pushing the mama-jama boat of a stroller with one hand, and fending off my 4 year-old, who is acting like a 2 year-old at best.  Not a pretty sight.  Not a pretty sight for what feels like 100 eyes staring at us.  I try reasoning with Sugar, but she's not having any of it.  She's beyond listening.  She's beyond reasoning.  She's basically BONKERS!!

She is pushing me to my limits to say the least. 

We make it to the car.  I feel a tad bit of relief at this point.  My relief is very short-lived.  I'm able to get Bean in the car (poor little one).  Spice has made her way in the car and refuses to get in the carseat.  Sugar is still distraught over the beaded bracelet.  I am just wanting to get the heck out of there and take care of things in the comforts of home.

Sugar is out of control at this point.  Screaming, yelling, fit throwing to the tenth power.  It breaks my heart when she gets this way.  And not that it happens that often, but when it does...

I'm at a loss of what to do.  I feel the anxiety throughout my whole body.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

I called the Hubs.  I knew that he couldn't do much in a physical sense...I really was hoping that he could calm ME down.

Basically, it was one of those happenings that made me think, "it will be a loooooooooooong time before I attempt a solo flight anywhere with these three!!"  It was THAT bad.

We made it home.  Daddy did some serious talking, and attitudes DID change.

At least for a little while.


Gotta love 'em!!

Had to get some HOG pics before we left...

Bean's first time to don her bluejeans!

They even had a pie contest!

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