Tuesday, October 11, 2011

5 Months Old!

My sweet baby girl.....5 months old!

Little Bean....

Child development -- nothing short of amazing.  Every aspect is truly miraculous and very profound.  Tonight I saw a tiny two week old, and had already forgotten just how tiny Lola was 5 short months ago.  Her appearance has changed.  Her sounds have changed.  Her gaze has changed.  She's coming in tune to the world.  She is watching things, people,.....everything so much more closely than even a month ago. 

Her physical strength is increasing daily.  She presses up while on her tummy.  She is a little roly poly.  She grabs those precious feet and brings them to her mouth while she's lying on her back -- one of my favorite milestones.  

She is truly entertained by her sisters.  She stays awake for longer periods in the car just as content as can be while watching Sugar do what Sugar does. 

She brings a smile to my face and tears to my eyes just by looking at her.  This little girl has me right where she wants me. 

And she doesn't even know it yet.

Thank you, God...for my precious girls.

thank you, bebe for the cool bat tee!!

when put in just the right position...those Coffee cheeks shine through!
Big sisters at same age.......




  1. What a short five months! Baby Lola is absolutely gorgeous, as are her sisters! I love these blog entries! Hurry with the next one!


  2. I love these blog entries also. I think you, Jodi, are a writer-in-waiting. Fun read and I thank you for sharing yourself and of course the girls!