Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Made from the heart

Have I mentioned I LOVE our new computer?

Just in case I haven't....

I LOVE our new computer!!!!

My blogging world is soon to be much, much better!

Things are moving much more quickly (in computer terms).

Now -- I just have to get on the ball and learn how to use these updated versions, new editing programs, etc.

SO -- basically -- still have patience with's a long road ahead!

I'm so excited about my latest addition to my spoon collection.  

I guess I should say -- my STIRRING PADDLE.

LOVE it!

Handcarved by my Dad, of course.  In case I haven't filled you in on that little tidbit -- my Dad carves things out of wood.  As in -- from scratch.  You know -- it starts out looking like a tree limb, log or branch.  And turns out looking like.......


Each spoon I have from my Dad is very special and one-of-a-kind.  My Dad and I share a love of food and cooking (although, I fall very short to his level of culinary skill).  I'm able to use my spoons on a daily basis, and they are something that I will have always.  My daughters will have I said -- super special.  

Hey -- no need to be jealous.  If  you would like one -- he sells them.  OR if a tree falls in your backyard  (as long as the wood is a type that is good carving wood) -- share the wood and he will make ya one (right, Dad?!?).  

There actually is one more use for these spoons......and this didn't come to be until recently.  

Disciplinary actions.

We've had friends to tell us of their "spanking spoons".  I use to cringe at the thought.  

Then we hit the year of the double-dose of strong-willed children.

Sugar: Mom, you know that new spoon that Poppa gave us?
me: Yes......
Sugar:  Well, it's also called a PADDLE.  It can be used for SPANKINGS!!!
(thank you, Ms. Patty!!)  :)

These next few pictures were taken one Sunday after church.  All eyes in the same direction -- YAY!!

Wouldn't you smile, too?!?  (thanks, Trev!!!) 

One more thing..

I'm loving my new Le Creuset cookware!!!  Everything cooks better and tastes better!!  

Sure, it does!

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  1. Thank you Pooch for the plug and the comments I love you very much and it is very special to know you enjoy my craft. Dud