Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Special Day

Have you ever been proud?

I mean the kind of proud that makes your heart swell...


This did it for me.

May I present to you --

This portfolio will hang in the DAVIS-BAKER preschool as long as it stands.

That's pretty cool.

A building.....a BUILDING named after my MOM.

My Mom.......for the 30+ years she was impacting the lives of the many students she taught, was all the while doing ALL the things I do for my kiddos daily (and much MUCH more).

Any time I think of it....it never ceases to amaze me.

I really cannot comprehend how one "does it all"....

but she did.......

and does.

I'm very thankful and privileged to have such a tremendous role model.  

Thanks, MOM!!

And, Congratulations!!  So glad we were able to be there for your SPECIAL DAY!!  :)

Uncle C.B. and the bro

Dad's infamous bunny ear pose....he just can't resist!

Bean was there....keeping things in check.

Spice taking it all in...

Sugar...the photographer

They had some of the current preschoolers to do the unveiling -- too cute!

The women of the hour

My Mom and Uncle C.B.

What a great pair!

Of course we had to check out the playground!

Love this shot!

I know, I know....gotta love her!  :)

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