Saturday, October 15, 2011

Only a phase....

I've never liked the phrase "Terrible Twos".

But, gracious me...I see where and how it was coined!

Little Miss Spice...

a bundle of FIRE!

She amazes me everyday with new words, insights and entertainment.

On the other hand...

She is testing every boundary and border possible within the realms of parenting.   She pushes me to my
limits, and many days beyond (for that I am not proud).

Parenting is not easy.  Noone told me it would be......but it is NOT easy. 

Thankfully, the joys tremendously outweigh the aggravating and frustrating moments.  The times you are ready to pull your hair out are pushed aside by the thrills of meeting milestones and sweet smiles and squeezes from the most precious little person.

For instance.....

if things get quiet.....

get worried!

or at least go looking.....

because they're probably doing something like this......

what?  who?  me?

It's like their little minds are going 100 miles per minute.  They are so curious, so inquisitive.

They're hard to keep up with.


SO -- if I have to put up and pick up a little of this..........

and this........

to get a little bit of this.............

I will.  :)

Wouldn't you for this face?

Our photo session ended after this picture.  She picked up the "doodle" she was pointing to.....
Yeah.  GROSS!!

On a side note...

Want to know something fun about having this in your kitchen?


Oooooh lah lah so yummy and oh so simple!!  A couple slices of cheese (mozzarella would have been nice, but since I didn't have any at the time, I just used cheddar), a couple of cherry tomatoes halved, and a couple of torn leaves of basil, roll in tortilla, zap in micro for 15-20 seconds -- and as Sugar says, "CRESTO!" (presto!) -- you've got yourself a tasty morsel!  I will say -- watch out for those tomatoes -- definitely a hot spot!!

Have a great day!  :)


  1. Yes, I would pick up toys or just about anything else for that sweet face! She is a pure joy! Love those tasty morsels, too!

  2. I still remember another little face that moved me to tears in those quiet times when I came home late from a meeting and wanted to see a little angel before I crashed into bed knowing I would be gone long before you awoke. Those times flew so fast and now you are in the catbird seat! Mom and I marvel at the job you and Treavor do as parents, we are so proud and so enthralled with your three beautiful girls. We are truly blessed! Dud

  3. Oh me...I forget, it only gets worse...I mean...better ;). I just posted a "shes into everything" post on my blog, referring to my one y/o! Lol. Wouldn't take anything for the moments, but it does keep us on our toes, doesn't it?!

    Btw...I'm a Hope native...went to school w Trevor. My 1st job was for dr McDowell...then went to hygiene school. Now work in texarkana. Not sure if we've ever met in person??? ;)