Saturday, November 24, 2012

SO Thankful...

Nothing like the holidays to make time fly even MORE! I'm approaching the two-week mark since my last post, and it seems like yesterday. 


A holiday that truly allows us to reflect on our lives and realize ALL that we have to be thankful.

Oh, and of course, eat a great meal with our loved ones.

We actually celebrated Thanksgiving with my side of the family BEFORE Thanksgiving, and we are celebrating Thanksgiving with the Hub's family AFTER Thanksgiving. 

That left us AT HOME for the actual DAY of Thanksgiving. It was the first time since I have met the Hubs (~12 years) that we were without other family members on Thanksgiving day. It was rather strange. It made me feel all grown up. We were having our very own Thanksgiving meal with our kiddos.......Well, okay. I'll go ahead and admit here that THANKFULLY my dad sent us home with turkey and dressing and all the trimmings. THEREFORE, we were able to have our own little turkey dinner with our kiddos ON the very day of Thanksgiving. 

I looked around the table at my beautiful family.....


So very blessed!!

Thank you, Lord for the many blessings you have so graciously given. Thank you for our family, friends, our health and our home. We are humbled by your glory. We praise you and honor you.


Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

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  1. You are so right, Jo! God's blessings abound! Love the blog !