Friday, November 30, 2012

What's not to like?

My mind is all boggled down with so many different things. No worries -- it's a good kind of boggled. So many things, so little time.

First of all, as partly predicted by my fellow PT classmates -- I love a good continuing education course. Yes, I'm a nerd like that.

Today, I spent the day in the classroom.

Oh, the memories.

"Fall Prevention" was the subject at hand. And if I had the time to go back and list all of the recent stats on falls among the elderly -- it would get you to thinking, too. are a few:

FALLS are the LEADING cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries in people >65 years old
FALLS are the LEADING cause of accidental death in people >65 years old
60% of all FATAL FALLS happen in the home
87% of all FRACTURES in 65 year + are associated with FALLS

You know how these days, pretty much EVERYTHING can possibly cause cancer. Or so it seems. 

Well, the same goes for "increased risk for fall". One way or another -- EVERYTHING is basically related in some form or fashion to increased risk for a fall. A few examples: vision, hearing, strength, sensation, affect, nutrition, medications, smoking, alcohol.....and the list goes on. I will talk more about this later, but.......the GOOD news is -- in most cases -- there is something a person can do about it!! (and the crowd goes WILD!!) For now try and keep in mind that PREVENTION is the key!!

In the mean time....

DON'T FALL!! (please)

Okay - so, on the way home -- other than chatting with various family members -- dreams of hunger satisfaction drifted to my mind. What's for dinner........? The hubs had a meeting (dinner included); and one of my Little Lattes was headed off to college for the evening (a jewelry making class at the community college here in town -- we are so fortunate!). That left myself and the two tinies to prepare some grub. 

LEFTOVERS came to mind. The lightbulb went off! I pictured (and here is where I must insert an apology. I canNOT remember for the life of me where I saw this inspiration. If I come across it, I will give credit where credit is due. BUT, until then.........) turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce.....yep -- time for Thanksgiving leftovers round........????

I took out the bread, mayo, turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, and just for kicks and giggles -- the peach pepper jelly. It was time to construct the ultimate Leftover Turkey Panini!

I applied a nice layer of mayo to my bottom piece of bread. Next up -- time for the turkey. On top of that -- I lobbed on some dressing (cold -- no need to heat). Cranberry sauce was next. I covered the cranberry sauce with a little more dressing to prevent craziness happening during the grilling process. And, last but not least --- a thin layer of peach pepper jelly. (for this experiment, I used Harry and David's Sweet Peach )

pre-grilled panini

This was my first true panini in my new Le Creuset grill pan. I couldn't wait to try it out! I let the pan get nice and hot. I brushed a little Canola oil onto the pan, smoothed a thin layer of butter on my bread and popped it in the grill pan. I then used a small black iron skillet for my panini press. 

see, it DOES work!

Snap, crackle, pop! in a few minutes -- I had a beautiful, brown and crispy Leftover Turkey Panini!! Aside a few salt and pepper potato's like butta, baby!

It was pretty fabulous! I offered some to my littles, but they were too wrapped up in their own doings. 


eating yogurt independently...
This little mess wouldn't let me take her picture...
She was saying, "Nooooooooo"
This is my way of saying...mama wins!

I love this little squinched-up face!

this is what was left when my Little said, here Mama -- I saved you some!  Ha!

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  1. I'm very impressed with your leftover delight! And, of course, I always, always LOVE those precious photos of our precious granddaughters!