Monday, November 5, 2012

Third times a charm!

Yes, YES, YES!!! My third attempt at making it to mile 10 was a SUCCESS!! My mind was in the right place (as in -- there was NO way I was stopping until I heard the 10th alarm of mile 10 from my Garmin friend); the weather was perfect -- total cloud coverage at around 56 degrees; and mother nature's call had been addressed. It was time to step outside and get it done. And that I did! 

I had a few moments of doubt along the way, but once I made it over the half-way hump, there was no stopping this mama! A little disappointed in my pace, but I made the distance....and that was the main goal for the day!

The Hubs and I had a great trip to Vegas this past weekend. Can't wait to share my VEGAS REVIEW (not to be mistaken for a Vegas Revue...yeah, it's a wild world out there folks!)! 

But, for me.....there's no place like home.

Who wouldn't miss these three little heads.....

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  1. Girl, I am so impressed and inspired! You make me want to go out and run, not 10 miles of course, ha. Keep up the good work, maybe next year Iron Man!