Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Mommy's Lunch

No, this is not about a Mommy's LUNCHEON. This is about a mommy's LUNCH
**Hey, but if any of my mommy friends want to get together -- let's do lunch! I promise we will have something better than what is described below! :)

I'm at home with my two precious littles. Today is laundry day (I think I hear the dryer beeping now....) and it never ceases to amaze me how quickly that stuff accumulates. I think.....didn't I just do this amount -- YESTERDAY???!!?? (actuality:  5-7 days ago) Time continues to fly and laundry continues to pile. That's just a fact. 

SO -- back to lunch. The clock is nearing noon and I just begin to think about LUNCH. Spice is a little creature of habit. She eats "roll-ups" (a tortilla with some sort of yumminess inside; not to be mistaken for a fruit roll-up....I'm not completely against the idea of a fruit roll-up as part of lunch, but just wanted to get that straightened out) often with our babysitter. Therefore, she often requests roll-ups. Today Spice wanted a peanut butter roll-up. Out with the PB and tortillas -- no problem. My challenger is Miss Bean. She is a little rooty-toot these days. Doesn't want in her high-chair, doesn't want help, says she wants this, but when you get it that's not what she wanted....and the list goes on. After she pointed to fifteen hundred and fifty-two things, I decided to allow her to sit on the stool at the island (yes, I was right there with her, dad) and allow her to attempt to feed herself greasy taco meat (that's what she "SAID" she wanted to do, people). That was hard for me. MESSY is an understatement. AND the fact that she was able to get ZERO meat in her mouth with the spoon was difficult to watch. That combined with Spice tugging on my leg, crying and begging for me to hold her pushed me to the point that it was time to stop this fun activity and move on to the next.....NAPTIME!! Bean was pretty much against this idea initially. Can't say that I blame the girl. I took her away from something that she was really enjoying. She debated for a short while, and soon changed her tone to the sweet little sounds she makes before drifting off to zzzzzzland. 

Back to Spice. She is taking her sweet time with the peanut butter roll-up. Bless her heart -- she didn't have much choice. Have you ever eaten a tortilla with peanut butter alone? (GULP) Not the easiest thing! I decided it was time for Mommy's lunch. Earlier in the day, I had dreams of a delectable salad with some sort of vinaigrette. However; after 5 loads of laundry, kitchen duty, and refereeing....I settled for leftovers.....a Mexican stack-up (fancy for chips, taco meat, grated cheese, tomatoes (that's thrown in there to prevent feeling like a total HOG), sour cream, salsa, and jalepenos.) I also ate a small amount of veggie fried rice. (Didn't want to waste the stuff!!) Mexican and Chinese....what a combo!!

I KNOW I'm not the only Mommy out there that when it comes time to eat, we either settle for crazy combinations to clean out the fridge or don't eat at all!! 

As always......

At the end of the day........

wouldn't change a thing.

A few pics I would like to share...

before I forget, I want to tell you about these fabulous jalepeno peppers. They are made by Mezzetta and they are TAMED. They have the great flavor of jalepeno without causing the major pain and burn to the mouth (at least that's what regular japs do for me)! I recommend them HIGHLY! Love them!

this is my precious little that fell asleep last night LITERALLY while eating. And popcorn no less!! Yes, I realize this was a choking hazard -- but, had to snap a pic before removing the popcorn. 
**No one was injured or harmed preserving this memory.

A few pics of my littles in their Halloween costumes. iPhone and unedited quick pics, but pics as promised!

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