Monday, December 17, 2012

AWB Ornament Exchange

Yay! The great REVEAL!

I am participating in an ornament exchange with Arkansas Women Bloggers.

Several weeks ago we had the opportunity to sign up, we were then assigned a person to send a homemade ornament to, and now we are to blog about receiving our gift.

This has been so fun for me! First of all, I LOVE ornaments with special meaning. We have, what I call, a DECORATIVE tree in our great room and a FAMILY tree in our family room. Most of the ornaments on the family tree have a SPECIAL meaning.

For example...

My personal favorites....made by my little lattes.

An award from a race...

A hand-carved spoon to my little from my Dad...

A keepsake from an adventure...

They are ALL special.

And now, I will get to add one from a fellow AWB! (yes, I'm goofy and giddy and everything in between. Just ask the Hubs.)

I had a little anxiety about sending my NOT-SO-CRAFTY homemade ornament to a crafter, but once that was complete -- I was able to move on to the excitement of looking forward to receiving my new ornament (ok....that totally sounds like I like receiving BETTER than giving. So not-true, Mom.....really -- you taught me better!) :)

My package arrived a couple of days ago. All taped up nice and neat.

FRAGILE was written on the outside.


a hint.....

something breakable.

I ripped into the box in an excitedly cautious way.

On the inside, I found the coolest GLASS ball with a paper flower inside!

See what I mean? Love it!!

Super cool!

Much craftier than I!

Thanks so much, Connie from Scrapbook wife running in Arkansas! I enjoyed getting to know a little about her through her blog. In just a few short minutes I discovered we had several things in common. A love of running and Top Gun! So fun!

**if any of you blogging experts out there have any tips on uploading photos easier, placing a post to a page on title bar, or basically ANYTHING to make blogging life better -- PLEASE fill me in!! I just looked back on a couple of posts done on my phone... and some of the pics have disappeared! This was disheartening since I THOUGHT that the phone app was a new discovery to quick uploading. The search continues...


  1. That is a cute ornament and one that you will get to enjoy every year. I loved the ones you shared from your "lattes." Happy Holidays:)

    1. Thanks, Debbie! Such a wonderful time of year!

  2. I love altered book art. This is really sweet.

  3. Hi Jodi,
    I am so glad you liked the ornament. I decided on the altered book rose because our blogging and AWB are a little like a rose.

    AWB helps each of us bloom as bloggers. Like roses some of our blogs are thornless and some have thorns.. but each are perfect in their own way.

    I hope you enjoy your ornament for many years to come.
    Connie (Scrapbookwife)

    1. Yes! Thanks SO much! I hate to even admit it, but before NOW I was completely unaware about altered book art! Very cool!

      I'm excited to be a part of AWB and look forward to getting to know many others through this great group!

      Have a very Merry Christmas!!

  4. Very pretty ornament!

  5. So cute! I keep thinking I'm going to cut up some old books, but I'm chicken. :)