Sunday, December 9, 2012

Let them eat SNAILS!

Any time we are in the Dallas area, we do our best to swing by Central Market. It's a foodie's dream. 

This place is an outing for us, folks. Entertainment. Excitement.

 I know....

It's a grocery store. 


It's not your everyday grocery store. 

ESPECIALLY for us who are not privileged to nifty places like this every day.

This place has EVERYTHING you could ever want or need for a meal, recipe, etc.

You name it -- they've got it. 

For REAL!!

We NEVER have enough time. Our trips there ALWAYS seem rushed.

AND then throw in three precious littles in the picture....

ADD a little STRESS in the mix.

But, we go anyway.

Loading up the bus-cart

Look out shoppers -- Bean and Spice are at the wheel!!

At some point in the frenzy, the hubs and I split up. He had Sugar and Spice. I had Bean.

Bean is still not eating ANYTHING and  EVERYTHING. So, occasionally I have to sneak a sample or two while she isn't looking. That baby girl doesn't miss a thing! She sees me dipping bread in some olive oil (, she doesn't know it's olive oil. she doesn't care. She just WANTS it). It's all over at this point. She's jumping up and down in my arms like a little Mexican jumping bean. I'm holding her in one arm, dipping bread with the other AND attempting to steer our mini bus-cart. After THREE trips back to the bread bin, we meet back up with the Hubs. Sugar is beaming. She tells me, "I'm going to eat SNAILS". I look at her and say, "Seriously?". She holds up this little CAN. I read the label. Well, actually I didn't read the label -- it was in French. But, I'm fully aware of the meaning of escargot.

Fabulous, Hubs. What the hey -- a CAN???!!??

I'm all about experiencing the delicacies in life. But, in a fresh way. NOT CANNED!!!

Needless to say the three hour drive home did not deter her from her goal of consuming canned snails. She was SERIOUS about some SNAILS.

I held her off until the Hubs could home from the hunt of the day. No way was I going to dish out the canned SNAILS.

The preparation for the snails began.

The can was opened (ha!).

The juice was drained.

They were zapped for a bit in the micro.

They were drizzled with a little garlic-butter.

the first bite....

thinking about it.....

ALL SMILES!! She loved them!

That girl ate more snails than I would have ever dreamed!

I tasted ONE....

and that was ENOUGH!

I couldn't  chew that rubbery sausage/mushroom like funkiness fast enough!

Maybe in a state of freshness I would be able to tell a different story.

But not TODAY!!

Love that she LOVED them.

Love that she had a new experience!

Bon appétit!!


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  2. This is Jamie from Jamie's Thots (I have the worst time getting my ID to show up)
    Here is my original comment:
    Aghh! I can't do food with textures like that. I even pick the mushrooms off my pizza. You daughter is very brave. Oh, and I totally get loving a grocery store. Such cool stuff!

    1. Thanks, Jamie! Yes -- she definitely showed some culinary bravery when it came to this task!! Ha!

  3. You experienced "snails" during our famous European vacation--remember? Fresh and deliciously prepared! Love your new blog format and all that's in it!

    1. Thankfully, I DON'T remember!! So, with that being said -- it didn't SCAR me for life!! Thanks, Mom!