Sunday, February 10, 2013

One Proud Mama

Well, the results are in.


Allow me to preface this by saying how grateful I am that we have local organizations willing and able to put on an event such as this. Thanks so much JA of Hope!!

Today was the day of the Fruit Loop 5k. I headed out early to join our running club in helping to set up the race site. It was pretty CHILLY this morning (perfect for running. not so much for the bystander) Hot Coffee and the rest of my crew were scheduled to arrive a little before the 5k, Hot Coffee was running the 5k and Sugar and Spice were scheduled to do the Fun Run. It was nearing race time and the hubs and crew were not there. I started to get a little anxious, and then remembered....HELLO -- 3 kiddos = time, work, patience, etc to get up and ready! ha! 

I was so glad to look across the campus and see them rolling in -- race ready!!

We cheered the hubs at the start line, went inside to thaw our fingers and toes, and then returned outside to cheer him across the finish line.

He did GREAT! We were all so proud! Way to go Hot Coffee!! (I am admittedly jealous of his ability to train very little while still doing very well. He is just talented that way! ;) )

Next up: FUN RUN

At this point, the girls were beginning to wonder and doubt just how fun it was going to be to stand around and wait a little longer in the cold, and then do their thing. The "hold me"'s and "I'm freezing!!"'s were flowing steadily.

All was forgotten at the word GO and after a little bit of a confusing start -- the Coffee crew was off and RUNNING!! (the hubs went the extra "mile" for the team and ran with little Spice...bless her heart.  She is and will always be my little gecko runner.)

Sugar did AWESOME!! She ran her little heart out! My heart was beaming!!

After Sugar finished, I looked to see where Spice was on the track. She was wearing down a bit and had to get in the arms of the hubs for 30 seconds or so, but after a little re-coop time, she was back and running. The crowd made a big deal when she crossed the finished line, and she acted a little shy....but she DID IT!! (and that's what she was telling me as we all ran in hand-in-hand. "I did it, Mama!! I did it!!" Yes -- of course I was PROUD!!

I love so much that my family was able to do something like this TOGETHER!!

A few photos from the morning...

 If you look closely at this photo -- the hubs has the attention of several people. Way to go Daddy! Way to get yourself and THREE little ones to a race ON TIME and all in one piece!!

That's right -- Bean was there, too. (with Lammie and paci in tow, of course)

Go Daddy, GO!!

 We ran to the back of the parking lot so we could see the hubs...

all smiles!!

STILL smiling nearing the finish line!!

Spice giving a congratulatory hug!

Time for the fun run...

Go Spice, GO!!

 Go Sugar!!

a little "pick-me-up"


 look at that medal!!

my sweeties

**favorite shot of the day. SO PROUD of my crew!!

post-race oranges...

Congrats to Hot Coffee!! 2nd in his age group!!

Congrats to Sugar as well -- she won a TROPHY!! (second (I think) in her age group) I'll have to add the pic from my cell phone soon.

FUN was had by all! 

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