Tuesday, February 26, 2013

When in doubt....put it on the plate!

I had a day of laundry, fetching snacks, cleaning up messes, kissing boo-boos, and catching every hug and sugar possible -- you know, a regular day. I had pretty much decided to pan-sear some tilapia for dinner, but didn't have the rest of the plate decided. I was scrounging around for what was to coincide alongside Nemo (yes, I realize Nemo isn't a Tilapia...bare with me) when the lightbulb went off. Wild rice and corn, steamed asparagus and roasted radishes. Whaaaaa? You no likey? Come on, Mikey...have you even tried it? My only true experiment was the radishes. I actually first saw the recipe through a link of link of a link....For real, it was from a fellow AWB. (NWA Foodie: see here)

Everything came together really quickly (which is always nice). I will say somewhere between running back and forth to the laundry room, kitchen and chasing the little lattes -- my house exploded. But, that's normal, right? Anyway, Hot Coffee came home just in time to toss the Lattes in the tub (what a champ -- he slept a total of 3-4 hours tops after driving 19 hours, worked an 11 hour day and STILL handled my littles for bath time and jams -- MUUUUUAHHH! Oh, and by the way -- that's another story in itself: to be continued) while I finished up our evening meal.

Now where was I....goodness knows whoever reads this gets lost....I get lost myself and these are MY thoughts!! (yes, I'm the girl that occasionally makes coffee without the water. so sue me)




So -- my worries: what are the lattes going to think? Sugar? Maybe. Spice? NO WAY!! Baby Bean? Somewhere in the middle.

I rang the dinner bell.

Ok, so I yelled, "SUPPER's READY!!!!!"

And they came a runnin'.

We try more often than not to offer the same thing we are having to the littles. I think it's very important for them to at least TRY a wide variety of foods (especially in the fruit and veggie department). I don't force them, or make them sit until a bite of something new is gone. I may say, "no treat or dessert" if they don't, but I don't consider that forcing... (they probably do, huh?).

And now to the point of my story (enough already!!): Aside from one spear of asparagus hitting the floor (you guessed it -- SPICE) -- I had an overwhelming POSITIVE response. GO JOE!!

Sugar CLEANED her plate and asked for SECONDS of rice/corn and RADISHES! Spice even ate the radishes -- shocker!! Bean scooped up the rice and chewed on the asparagus. Even the Hubs gave everything a thumbs up!

I realize it could have easily gone in the other direction. But for tonight...

Mama wins!

Love a little variety in life!

Oh, I wish I had a pic -- but, I totally forgot to snap one in all the craziness. It really was a pretty plate...

**stay tuned for my re-cap on our very first Coffee Family Ski Trip to Red River, New Mexico!! We had a BLAST!!!!

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