Sunday, April 21, 2013

Red River: In Conclusion...

Days 5-7

Yes. I'm cheating. But, aren't you glad (if anyone actually reads this stuff?!?)?

I just can't help it.

I'm a sucker for details.

Especially when it comes to a family trip.

I want my girls to look back at this stuff and "remember" what an  awesome time they had!

For really real -- I just love being with my crew SO much. I don't want to forget a single minute.

Which brings out the OBVIOUS...

I've allowed too much time to pass since this fabulous vacation -- details have faded.


PLUS the fact that it's driving me BONKERS that I won't let myself blog about other matters until I'm finished blogging about this trip.

SO -- I'm throwing these last few days together.

The girls DID return to ski school. Sugar went back for a for a full day one of the days and a half-day for the other. Spice...well, she was more interested in checking out the daycare (they had a TV in there). She took a lesson and did GREAT -- hopefully enough to spark an interest for future ski trips.

Sugar did SO WELL!! I was so proud of her for hopping right in there and trying things. She was BRAVE. She earned her YELLOW sticker which allowed her to ride up the first chair lift. I just loved seeing her face beam with excitement!

As for me....

Believe it or not -- I DID make it back to the top of the mountain.

Several times.

One of the first return trips was not so great. I had many moments when my legs/skis absolutely REFUSED to comply with my brain. Totally not a good situation.

The FINAL day of skiing...

the light bulb went off.

Things clicked.

I could NOT believe it!!

So THIS is what everyone was talking about!!!

THIS is why so many people enjoy skiing!!

And that is where my love for skiing began.

Right there in little 'ole Red River, New Mexico.

Don't get me wrong -- I have a LONG way to go.

I'm not sure I'll EVER have the desire to race down a black diamond, do anything that creates air time, or snowboard.

BUT, I DO know that when put at the TOP of the mountain, I can make it down on my own two skis!

I appreciate Hot Coffee so much for working hard to get us there. There is no one else in the whole wide world I'd rather experience skiing (or anything else) for the first time. (I'm not so sure anyone else in the whole wide world would have the patience to talk me down from the mountain.) It was a blast. It was so, so special. (even though due to avoiding a snowstorm -- it took us around 17 hours to get home!)

As always -- looking forward to our next family adventure!!!

See the tip-top? Yep. I was there. See those things that look like a tiny black speck? Yep. Those are people.
 Love this guy...

My sweet Sugar.

 The crew feeding the deer right outside our room!
Cabin time...
 Private lesson for Spice

 A day off to the "daycare"


 Going up the lift with Hot Coffee.
 MONSTER icicle!!

 From Spice's perspective, it was a monster POPSICLE!!


  1. Love the bigger pictures! And I loved reading about your vacation. Looks like you all had a blast.

    1. Thanks, Karen! I still have much improvement to go! And YES -- we had a wonderful time! :)