Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shopping Red River

Day 4 (yes, bare with me. I MUST document this first-time ski trip for the fam. I MUST, I MUST!)

Our littles informed us that although the did enjoy their day at ski school, they were NOT interested in repeating a full day immediately following. SO -- the Hubs suggested that we sleep in, cook up a big breakfast, and do a little shopping around Red River.

Shopping you say?

Sounded good to me!

I think Hot Coffee tossed and turned most of the night, but as for me -- I slept like a baby! I don't think that I slept late, but I woke up feeling well rested...

and SORE.

Those small muscles in my hips, my forearms, etc let me know exactly where they existed on my body.

Even more of a reason to have a day of recovery.

We ventured out in the snow in our non-4-wheel drive vehicle for a little shopping on the town of Red River.

Need I remind you the population is ...... not many.

They have some really cute shops, but most are target the tourist in us.

We tried on silly hats....

Silly glasses...

We even came across this BIG BEAR!!

It was a little hectic at times with the littles, but the Hubs was kind enough to hang with them in the car for a few stops while I did a quick survey of the store.

For the afternoon, myself and the girls elected to watch and movie and eat popcorn!

Hot Coffee joined a group to ski the more challenging routes of the mountains.

He came back an icy Mocha!!

For dinner that evening, we dined at Capo's

the girls enjoyed dessert! (to say the least!)

It snowed heavily while we were inside the restaurant having dinner. We ALMOST didn't get out of there without having to ask for a helping hand. BUT, we did!

Time to get rested up for the next day!


I was determined to get back to the top......of the mountain!!

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