Thursday, May 2, 2013

Just Another Day of the Coffee House Life...

Life is a whirlwind.


My beautiful littles have me going in three different directions.

Makes my head SPIN!!

They're keeping me young and aging me (increase in number of gray hairs) all in one.

I LOVE it.

Like the other day...

Spinning sisters

The girls decorated my hand with cutie stickers. 6 cuties disappeared in about 7 minutes flat.

It was an active day at our house. We watched transformation....

The landscaper found baby bunnies!!
Adding a deck to Camp Coffee

The pool is OPEN! Anyone for a swim in the green water?
Yeah...we'll wait for things to clear up, too.

We ventured out, running from here to there --

things felt a little time crunched, a little stressed...

I ran around the car to get Bean out, and she was snacking on these.

Look closely (you may not have to).

Yeah...those aren't cheese puffs!

Don't worry.

She didn't skip a beat!

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