Friday, May 3, 2013

Salad Surprise

I LOVE surprises.

Big ones.

Little ones.

Surprises near.

Surprises far.

I LOVE salads, too.

Put the two together, and


I've hit the jackpot!

I put the littles down for rest time (we've transitioned from "nap" time to "rest" time...well, at least for Spice).

LUNCHtime for Mama!

Out to the garden I went for my luncheon harvest.

I planned on getting arugula...


then, I noticed one of my chard plants needed pruning -- so I grabbed some of that.

Then I checked out my herb garden...

found some cilantro that needed pruning as well.

I de-stemmed the arugula, threw the head lettuce, chard and cilantro in my rinsing water.

Got out the handy-dandy SALAD SPINNER (a MUST have for any and all salad aficionados).

Gave it a whirl, dumped the excess water, gave it another whirl, and tossed it in a bowl.

Hmmmmm.....what next.....

I sliced up a cucumber and threw in a few tommy-toes.

Went out to the garage-fridge to grab my feta and discovered my left-over fajita meat and grilled onions from lunch yesterday.


Gave it a quick re-heat, and piled it on top.

And THEN, I found a little citrus vinaigrette I had saved from a previous dinner.

Let me tell, you folks -- it was DEEEEEEEELISH!!

It came together better than I imagined.

And the photos don't even do it justice.

It was quite SURPRISING

Can't wait to repeat this one.

BUT, it just won't be the same...

Things like this just don't happen every day in the salad world.


  1. Love this! I can't wait to get my garden planted. That is the best time of year to go out and get your dinner out of your own backyard!

  2. I love those surprises. My garden isn't this far along yet...hopefully soon!