Friday, July 12, 2013

Guest Foodie Friday Post

I am excited because TODAY I have the guest post for FOODIE FRIDAY on the Arkansas Women Blogger's (AWB) page. If you are from Arkansas, blog, and are female (sorry, fellas) -- you need to check them out! It's a great way to do...well, just what they say -- gather, grow, and connect to other bloggers in Arkansas. Not from Arkansas? Never fear -- Stephanie and the crew have started Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi Women Bloggers, too! If you are anything like me, there are times when I disappear fromt the bloggy world for days, weeks, MONTHS at a time due to the craziness around me. That happened recently. FORTUNATELY, I was asked to do this post a few months ago, and it brought me back! For that, I am thankful (thanks, Debbie!)!

I hope to share more adventures I've had while in my first year of farmers' market manager. It has been just that -- an adventure! I've learned a lot, met many new people, dealt with controversy, overcome adversity, and have enjoyed spending special time with my parents (they come down most weeks and are vendors at the market). I love that my girls have been in the market environment. They love to shop the market (boy, do they!) We have eaten more fresh produce this summer than ever before -- it's been wonderful!

So, please --- take the time to head over to AWB page and check it out. You might even want to join the bandwagon while you're there!

Have a great day, folks -- it's party day here. Time to get serious!! (report soon to follow) ;)

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