Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We're IN!

The Snaggle-tooth club!

Sugar has waited...

and waited...


Today, Hot Coffee (DR. Hot Coffee, that is), gave her the green light to come to the office and have it EXTRACTED!!

She was fired up!

As were her sisters...

I came home at lunch today, and they were all jumping around like little Mexican Jumping Beans...

"we're ready to go", "I wanna go", "can I go, Mama?"

Of course, I had to document this significant milestone.

There it is...loose as a goose!

Letting Dr. Daddy take a look and put on the "jelly".

She had a captive audience.

A moment of doubt...

And then, it was OUT!


Bean insisted on having a piece of the gauze action.

A beautiful, snaggle-toothed smile!

We left the office and went for a little treat -- ice cream, of course. We stopped by Poppy's office to show Babe and Poppy. We didn't make it home before the tooth was GONE! Sugar had insisted on carrying her little pink box around. She popped open the box while we were in the car and OUT flew the tooth!!


I told her about a very similar letter I had to write once upon a time...

So, she wrote one as well.

When the hubs got home from work, he went outside to search for the missing tooth. Sugar came in every 30 seconds or so to give me the report of "it's gone FOREVER", "I'm NEVER going to find my tooth", "I can't BELIEVE my very first tooth is GONE" (and please read that with as much drama as possible -- because that's how we experienced it, and I wouldn't want you to miss out).

Once we had everyone tucked in and settled, I went out to the garage for one last look. She described herself dropping the tooth in her car seat -- in between her legs and down in a crack. I found out I need to clean out the carseat more often. But, better than that -- I FOUND the tooth!! It had fallen on the floorboard!

And the crowd goes WILD!!!

And there it is...safely back in the little pink box.

I made the delivery to her room and was able to witness the delight!

She placed it under her pillow...

and immediately wrinkled up the note to the tooth fairy.

SUCCESS!! We had a visitor!!


  1. This is the BEST tooth story ever! Love a great story with such a happy ending! Love my snaggle-toother!

    Love, Bebe

  2. Love this!! My oldest lost his first tooth a few weeks ago and we, too, had a tooth search party. There was tears and devastation and an excessive amount of drama until I found the tiny tooth in the car. I waded through a sea of goldfish crackers until I spotted it. It had fallen into one of the connector holes of his booster seat. No idea why I looked there, but there it was. Moral of the story - lost teeth go straight under the pillow. :)

  3. So glad your tooth story had a happy ending as well! :) Special times!