Friday, August 2, 2013


I hate feeling sorry for myself.

Even with KNOWING that -- I still let it happen.

I have a poor, pitiful ME party...

For what?

Mostly for small, piddly things...

not even worth mentioning.

It makes me MAD more than anything.

In the midst of feeling sorry for myself, I could have ALMOST missed out on the following moments:

**A kiss to make a boo-boo all better.


Me feeling sorry for ME could have made me miss one of the sweetest things about my day.

When Bean gets hurt, she fusses, and then walks over to me and wants me to kiss whatever is hurting.

Once I kiss her hurt she STOPS fussing.

She's okay.

Miraculously HEALED.


That is such a wonderful moment -- there and gone just like that.

Wish I had a picture...

**I worked on teaching the girls how to ride a bicycle.

Riding a bike -- such a milestone.

Memories of my dad literally whipping me back up on the bike after fall, after fall, after fall...

Not trying to make it sound abusive or anything.

It worked!

I was trying to quit -- he kept me going.

I may not have used those tactics, but I enjoyed being a part of such a memorable milestone.

They both still have a ways to go...

but, I know they will get it.

**Or this one. (light bulb -- CAMERA! Well, I had my phone at least)

If I wasn't looking out of the kitchen window (while washing the dishes),

I would have missed this.

Poor pitiful me...hahahaha (it's just that -- PITIFUL)

**I could have missed this...
**OR this.

So many moments -- flying by...

Can't promise I won't ever wonder into the world of self-pity.

But, I will fight it every step of the way with reminding myself what a wonderful life I'm living.

God continues to bless me each and every day...

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