Wednesday, August 7, 2013


The majority of the flooring in our house is hardwood.

I am NOT a fan of carpet (thanks to my two fur babies).

We are down to carpet only in the girls' bedrooms and our closet.

We even had to throw OUT our area rugs, because the pups decided to use it as indoor grass.

Please tell me that I'm not alone in the occasional love-hate relationship with your pets.


The point of this story is related to my excuse for the ever-so-frequent HAIRBALLS that float across the floor. It happens way more than I would like. Dustbunnies come out to play almost as frequent.

I was walking around delivering laundry today, and I looked down at what I THOUGHT was a hairball. I was bending down to pick it up when I discovered it was in the shape of a curl.

As I examined it further, I realized that it was more like human hair than puppy-dog hair. (GULP)

I rounded the corner and saw another curl. I looked on top of the bench in our entry hall and saw a pair of scissors (hey, at least they were the round-tip kind) laying on the bench.

One of my little Lattes had been playing beauty shop!! I had pretty good suspicions as to who would carry out such an activity. I went directly to the source. SPICE's first reaction was to say that Bean did it!

Wasn't' buying it.

She decided to confess and told me that she took off a curl on each side.

I found 4-5 little piles/curls of hair throughout the morning.

Thankfully, with her beautiful, curly hair --

it disguised her adventure with the scissors fairly well!

I love my mischievous little mess!!

the clean-up crew ;)


  1. At least her hair does cover it up nicely! All kids do it. I dread my LO trying it. Her hair isn't curly!

  2. oh yes...well -- we went for a haircut to "even it out" and the hairdresser had to take off a little more than I thought! Spice is back to her little bob -- it suits her well! Best wishes!

  3. Haha! My daughter did that the other day right up by her part because she had a tangle and didn't want me to brush it! Instead now she has like a cow lick :/ lol! Thanks so much for linking with us for wine'd down Wednesday!

  4. Jodi, too funny!!! I loved reading this. I could picture myself following the curls and looking for the culprit. Yes, you can't tell at all. So glad you linked up with us!!