Sunday, August 25, 2013

Simple is...GOOD

Anyone else feel like life has been a WHIRLWIND lately? 

From meals, to dishes, to school, to activities, to laundry, to...wait a minute...

had to go carefully balance the FIFTH load of laundry on top of the fourth. As long as everyone has clean underoos I figure I can pile on a couple more! (just kidding, Mom)

My point is...

 with the beginning of the school year, and new routines...


This Mama can't catch up!

For any and all SUPERmoms that stop by --

my ears are open for TIPS!

I have a mama that did it all --

and I just. didn't. inherit it.

What I DO have (besides a FUNtabulous FAM) is the yearning for, dreams and HOPES that one day...



It won't be today, folks!

Until then, 

I will continue to share the simplicities of life that give tastebuds pleasure and ease the Calgon moments of the day. OR, it also works for when you need to throw together something quick and easy.

I have TWO today.

First: my version of a Greek Salad.

One can of chick peas, rinsed and drained.

Tomato, cucumber, and pepper, (preferably locally grown and FRESH). Cut into large chunks (I did actually use some cherry tomatoes this particular time and halved them. I used a mix of bell and banana peppers from the Princess Patch)

Sprinkle in crumbled Feta -- in the amount to your liking.

Squeeze in some lemon juice (~1/2 lemon for this amount).

A dash of extra virgin olive oil.

Sprinkle in kosher salt and pepper.

Optional (but, totally fab -- I just didn't take the time to walk outside and clip them...): chopped fresh herbs. I recommend parsley, thyme and/or oregano.

BAM! (thanks, Emeril. Not for the recipe, but because it's fun to say BAM!)

Next -- one of my favorite fruit and yogurt combos:

Use your favorite brand of Greek yogurt, and cottage cheese. To make an even healthier version - use plain Greek yogurt sweetened with honey. Add some fresh raspberries...

And BAM! (sorry, word for the day, I guess)

You want to know the best part...

Enjoying it with my girls!

Have a GREAT day! :)

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