Friday, December 6, 2013

Simply Serving

I am part of a group called "Companions" at my church and we just hosted our annual Salad Supper. I wanted to share a few pictures from the event.

If you live in the Hope area and have not attended…

YOU are missing out!

Tickets are limited…

and we sell out each year!

Each member of Companions brings a salad…

and all of the recipes are collected to make a nice little take-home recipe book.


This was my admission: Greek Pasta Salad!

Several variations of homemade apple cake (pictures featured below), cheesecake and Hershey Bar Cake were the desserts for the evening.

This year, our handbell choir entertained the crowd before the speaker of the evening, Artie Johnson, took to the stage.

After our guests filled their plates, the Companion gals had a few minutes to sample the fare.

It's was a wonderful evening of friends, fellowship and fabulous FOOD!

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