Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sometimes You Gotta Dance

The scene:

Me: running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to prep the turkey pot pie I was DETERMINED to make from our smoked turkey leftovers from last week.

the Littles:
D:  attempting to do her homework, but intermittently getting distracted by her wild and crazy siblings (see below).

J: 1st time spotted wearing fuzzy boot covers and a leotard; 2nd time spotted wearing nothing but her birthday suit and carrying a broomstick.

L: 1st time spotted wearing polka dotted pants and and pig tails; 2nd time spotted wearing HER birthday suit and carrying a broom as well.

Enter: the Hubs

At this point, no kitchen counter surface was visible. I utilized every dish within my reach. I had two children running around naked and one begging to be heard. I cried out CALGON!!

In the background, the CMT Christmas Special could be faintly heard.

The Hubs grabbed the remote, cranked up the volume, and we had a five minute DANCE PARTY!!

Giggles! Smiles! Twirls! Whirls! The atmosphere and mood turned toward that of trouble-free and pure joy!

The Hubs whisked the girls away to put on jammies and I called Papa for some last minute pot pie tips.

The girls returned and helped me place some guilt-laden decor on the pie. It's a good thing, too…

they LOVED it!!

The chaos returned here and there until the littles were snuggled for GOOD in their beds. And the Hubs and I enjoyed a late-night dinner…


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