Thursday, January 9, 2014

From Blog Funk to GO


Wait a minute...

What happened to 2013?

Come and gone...

Unfortunately, 2014 has picked up where 2013 left off in the tech area. I'm having computer, phone and internet issues. Pretty much EVERYTHING I need to blog.

I'm in a blog funk.

Anyone else experience this?

Taking time to blog is difficult enough. When other forces in the world make that MORE challenging...

I'm afraid I fold.

I take pictures (when my phone allows) and think of what great blog posts they will make.

I look at and listen to my girls and think of all the things they say and do that need to be in a post.

I eat at yummy restaurants and want to share pictures and stories of the fabulous food that will have you practically tasting it!

And then I sit down to blog...

NOTHING. Notta. Zilch.

Yep. I'm a bloggy loser.

Time to REVAMP and get with the program.

I've arranged for some help that will HOPEFULLY lessen my technical burden.

Because I just. can't. deal. with the technological world on my own.

My ignorance has defeated me once again.

BUT, just as I have done before, I will dust myself off, and bounce back!


this crew gives me something to blog about!

I don't know what's funnier...these silly faces or the fact that my sweater formed a prego belly. So, contrary to what this photo may relay -- I am NOT pregnant! I only wish I was talented enough with photoshop to fix that horrible pseudobelly!

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