Friday, January 10, 2014

Silent Night, Holy...SMOKES!

I LOVE Christmas.

I love and appreciate the TRUE meaning of Christmas.

BUT, I also love the traditions and fun family times as well.

As our family has grown, I've really tried to make sure that we have some traditions of our own.

One of those is that we attend the candlelight service at our church on Christmas Eve.

I adore the candlelight service...

The church is FULL of families from near and far.

You get to see faces you haven't seen in a while.

You get to see and HEAR the little ones that may not normally attend "Big Church".

I'm sure it's distracting to some, but I love how it gives kiddos a chance to be a part of a service that is  all about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Along with beautiful music and a sermon, our church offers the Lord's supper and ends in candlelight while we sing "Silent Night".

With our fam and my in-laws, we occupy almost a whole pew. The kiddos were a little restless at times, but all-in-all, I thought they behaved really well.

We made it through the Lord's supper without much ado.

When it came time for the candlelight part of the service the girls were bubbling with excitement. This is one of their favorite parts. When else do they get to hold a live flame in their little hands?

D was seated next to another church member (someone that was not in our family). I was proud that she wasn't too bashful or shy to take the flame and pass it on to her YOUNGER sister. J could hardly contain herself. She proudly placed her wick to D's flame and attempted to light her candle. It was a no-go. I had to intervene. We finally had all of our candle's lit and continued down the row. Next up - the Hubs and L. The Hubs was holding L and L was holding the candle. She was doing so well! She held that little candle in her tiny hands and looked like an angel. I had a mommy moment. I looked to my left at D and J -- they were proudly holding their candles and singing "Silent Night". I looked over at L and the Hubs and thanked God for my precious family. I turned my head to look at D and J once more when a burst of flame caught my sight on the right side.

It was L!

The next thing I saw was the Hub's hand flying and smacking the flame. Unfortunately, L's head and the flame were one. L's mouth flew wide open with no sound. I waited for the shrill scream to come...

and it did. Right in the middle of "Silent Night".

The putrid smell of burnt hair filled the air of the sanctuary.

It was pretty surreal.

Did that just happen?

L was quickly passed to end of the pew, and her Babe escorted her out to the lobby.

THANKFULLY, we can laugh about it now. I'm well aware it could have quickly gone in the opposite direction.

Poor Hubs.

He felt terrible.

It all happened SO fast...

I'm so glad that our Baby L was bouncing around by the time we filed out of church.

She got her FIRST big-girl haircut as a result of the flame. So serious. So sleepy.

Ta-da! All SMILES!


  1. Well that definitely is a Christmas you're going to always remember. I'm glad she's ok!

    1. No doubt about it! Yes - I'm SO thankful she is just fine! :)

  2. Holy guacamole! Did the whole thing happen in slow motion? At least Bean got a cute haircut out of the deal and hopefully she is scared of fire now lol

    1. Ha! Pretty much...very surreal! Yes - she now no longer has a mullet! :)

  3. Bless her little heart! So glad she was not hurt badly. What a "mommy moment"! True bliss to terror! Memories were made for sure.

    1. Definitely! That is one occasion will we NOT forget! Thanks for stopping by! :)