Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Save the Last Bite for ME

When I was cooking for the hubs and me, I would often put up leftovers. More so than not, one cooked meal would last two, and sometimes three more meals.

Those days are over.

These little Lattes like to eat...

a LOT!

Now more than anything, I find myself putting up SMALL bites of leftovers.

Not enough to make a meal.

Most of the time not enough to make a serving for one person.


what I DO like to do is on days when I need a quick-fix lunch -- I make a MEAL of these small bites.

Most of the time I turn them into a fantabulous SALAD.

I'm a salad girl, you see.

This particular day, I had a bite of shelled edamame, a bite of chicken salad, a bite of rice, and some bow tie pasta.

I threw them on top of some romaine I had previously rinsed and spun.

Next I drizzled a little vidalia onion vinaigrette on top.

Lookout now -- mama's got LUNCH!

1 comment:

  1. I never have leftovers. Boys eat all my food, but every once in a while I can make a fantabulous salad!