Friday, February 7, 2014

Sugar's Smile

All she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth!

Wait a minute...

Santa has come and gone!

Oh no!

No front teeth is serious matters, peeps.

We're approaching the huge, teeth-too-large-for-the-face stage.

It's totally precious, yet totally traumatic all in one.

A milestone.

A defining moment...

And, just in time for "Ole Geezer Day" during SPIRIT week!

This go-round didn't go quite as smoothly as before.

The hubs has gone ahead and pulled her other three teeth that have been ready to come out.

This one was no different.

So we thought...

It had been hanging pretty loose for several days.

It all went down on a Monday-- and that's our day crammed packed with activities (cheerleading, two hours of gymnastics, AND then dance). I know. Terrible. But, that's another story...

ANYKAHOOIE -- I was already running a few minutes behind when I stopped by the school to pick up Sugar and AB to take them to gymnastics. When Sugar grinned, I was like, WHOA NELLY BOZO -- we need to make a stop to see Daddy and get this tooth taken care of! The tooth was barely hanging in there. I was worried she might do a cartwheel and get choked on her tooth. No WAY was I going to let that happen.

Once we got to the office, Sugar was all smiles. She was acting goofy and probably showing out a little for her friend AB. AB hasn't lost a tooth yet. I was REALLY hoping this was going to go smoothly so the experience wouldn't scar AB for life.

The hubs started his normal drill... (well, not THE drill)

the jelly (to numb)...

they talked about the plan...


up went the hand.

Wasn't going to happen.

She wigged!

The hand flew over her mouth and there was no moving it.

I was over in the corner making mama bribes, mama threats, I was working it. (I was a prime example of why dentists prefer the parent NOT be in the room.)

AB was at chair-side ready to assist.

The hubs stayed calm as a cucumber and did his thing.

Minutes later...

She had a NEW SMILE! (she just wasn't quite ready to show it yet. AND, it was a little bloody I must say.)

Later that evening...

And, the next morning...(not without event, though. But, I'll save that for another day)

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