Friday, October 7, 2016

Hey Y'all - it's FALL


(wipes away dust)

It’s been a while. A LONG while.

I was fortunate to attend Megaphone Summit this year, reconnect with some really great friends, and am inspired to get back to blogging. Have you heard about Arkansas Women Bloggers and/or Megaphone Summit? If not, I highly recommend checking them out. You can do so right HERE and HERE.

Now, where were we?

The first topic at hand: Fall fashion trends and decorating.

I don’t know the latest trends. My latest look consists of workout wear, messy bun and a headband. When I dress up, I rely heavily on “My own very personal JCrew stylist” Laurie Holman. She’s the bestest. Pinterest comes in handy as well.

This phase of my life, I find that fashion takes a backseat to comfort. There’s a time and a place to glam-out, but for the most part, COMFORT is my go-to.

There was a time when I worried about my girls’ fashion trends as well. I went through a matchy-matchy phase. And then on to coordinated, but not matchy-matchy. Now I’m at the wear-whatever-makes-you-happy-and-looks-appropriate phase. It’s more pleasant for all involved (especially when trying to take a family photo).

What are my fall fashion favorites?:





It’s the first week of October and they haven’t made it out of the box. Decorating has taken a seat on the backburner. Forget the backburner. It hasn’t even made it to the stovetop.

At Walmart yesterday, I was amazed to see they have already put out Christmas decos. I’m not sure why this surprised me, but I felt a little anxious as I looked around and saw Santa staring back at me. I was in the garden department looking for veggie plants. It’s not time to think about decorating for Christmas yet? Is it?

I do have MOM GUILT with not having the fun, Halloween stuff on display, or the pumpkins and fall decor. I really must do this soon or be tattooed with #badmom for the season. The girls will more than gladly assist. Better yet, I may let them decorate and I’ll be their assistant. Those are pictures I’ll need to post.

Why can't I start with this look? I should buy and carve my pumpkins when they first come out...

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