Sunday, January 1, 2017


Drum roll please...

and my 2017 WORD of the year is

I've created so much chaos that I've had a hard time focusing on the important things. We won't discuss that my word of the year for 2016 was FOCUS

I wouldn't say I was a total failure for making that happen, but while I focused on one area, another area went a little CRAZY

There's no looking back and I'm ready to face forward to a new year. A year full of promise and adventure. In order to make the most of the upcoming escapades, I want to remove the fuzzy and hone in on the sweet spot. 

Will it be perfect?


Will it happen everyday?


Will I become a better person while working toward this intentional goal?

I sure hope so.

Areas in which I hope to SIMPLIFY (and this is a starting point; don't want to overwhelm a mama):

all the things
Well, that's not overwhelming at all! Seriously, though. I'm a borderline hoarder. Some would debate I'm full-fledged. It's hard for me to get rid of "all the things". This includes but is not limited to: school papers, artwork, magazines, clothes, dishes, food, etc. You get the picture. Gotta do better.

Looking deeper into the aforementioned "clothes"
I have a closet FULL of things I never wear. I must say that I'm fine with fashion repeating itself. Denim overalls - CHECK. Gauchos - CHECK. But really, I doubt I will wear the tight-fitting 2008 American Legion Championship shirt around the house. This is ~1/2 score and three kiddos later. 
It's gotta go! 

I want my kiddos to experience all and more than I did. I'm finding that their passions are not the same. I want them to be well-rounded while not being over-whelmed. 

So often, simplicity is best. Ingredients: fresh and few. Our busy schedule should embrace this. Not so sure the fam will, but all in good time. I am also hoping to be more diligent with using what is int he pantry and freezer instead of buying all the ingredients to make what I just watched on "The Kitchen". Use what I have and incorporate fresh. Yes! 

I think that's a good start. A lot of the categories overlap and intertwine. Kind of like our bodies. The hip bone's connected to the knee bone. The knee bone's connected to the ankle bone. 

I hope your 2017 has started out just as you wish. 

What's your word? Goals? Hopes?

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