Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Not enough hours in a day!

Just when I was catching up on things I go and get waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind. So -- back to catching up........

Darby Kate is doing great, and growing more and more everyday. "No" is becoming a favorite part of her vocabulary. I was kind of dreading this stage, but it's actually cuter than I thought. It sounds cute when she says it. But, what doesn't at this stage. I don't think Lucy and Pepper appreciate it very much, because she chases them around sometimes just saying "no, no, no!"

Hmmmm...what else exciting............Oh yeah -- she has been "telling" us when she has gone to the bathroom. She starts tugging on her diaper. Now, sometimes it's dirty and sometimes it's wet. She for sure doesn't like hangin out in a dirty diaper. You tell her "let's go change your diaper", and off to her room she goes. That's definitely a change for the better from screaming and kicking while getting her diaper changed. AND Miss Muffin reports that while we were gone, she put Darbs on the big girl potty and she did a doodle!! Now, it may have been coincidence, but it happened! Craziness!

Tomorrow, she will be 15 months old. Another month has come and gone. They seem to come around faster and faster! It's amazing how fast she continues to grow and change. I'm trying my best to enjoy every minute of it!

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