Monday, November 3, 2008

Henderson's Homecoming

Before I get started, I'm sure you've noticed my new background (okay, so maybe not), but anyway - if anyone knows how to change the part where the pics and text go -- please let me know. For some reason, that part stayed the same. I'm sure I didn't follow the instructions perfectly or something. Leave it to me -- I'm about the only person with the background that blogspot has available, I finally change it, and look at it. Pretty pitiful. Oh well, I tried.

We traveled to Arkadoo this past Saturday for Henderson's Homecoming. It was a beautiful day -- perfect weather! We ate hot dogs and chicken pre-game -- and then watched an exciting football game. The kids had a great time running around, eating snacks, and meeting new people :) . Darby Kate did great -- she stayed fairly still, just a few games of arm juggling throughout the game. It was great catching up with some friends I hadn't seen in a while. AND, the Reddies won!

Bebe and all the grandkids. We were under a red tent -- so, for some of the pics everyone had this red tint (ha! red tint in a red tent........okay, not so funny?). My editing skills are just not there yet (as if I even had to say it)

Yeah, don't even ask about this one.

Always nice to see the Pres and his lovely wife! (great to see ya'll Chuck and Mandy!)

any guesses as to what Trev is listening to..........

Brady wore his Hog's helmet for a large part of the evening :)

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