Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sunday Play

Sunday afternoon, M stopped by to play. Sugar is not doing the greatest at sharing at this point. Please excuse her outfit (or lack thereof) -- her father tied a robe-tie around her and thought she looked like a sumo wrestler. She seemed content -- so, I left it that way. Craziness that she's able to dress this way and it's NOVEMBER!! That's Arkansas weather for ya!

she's kind of into pushing, too...............
not saying "mine" yet, but she might as well be

bye-bye, come back soon, M!

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  1. Papa aproves that message! Darby Kate is precious and so is Cuddin Maggie! Family is so precious. I still have fond memories of visiting my "cuddins," as all of my family reffered to them. Sleeping out on the porch and eating peanut butter sandwiches, playing Rook untill the wee hours of the morning. Those opportunities to be with family are fleeting, all too soon Maggie and Darby Kate will join the hub-bub rush of the world and family opportunities will become even more scarce! Love, your maudlin dad. Dud.