Monday, November 10, 2008

Our First Pumpkin Carving!!

I'm not sure how -- but I almost left out an important part of Halloween -- the carving of the Jack 'o lantern!! It was very last minute -- squeezed in between hunts and this and that, but we managed to get it done. Trevor and I were both very out of pumpkin carving practice, but we did the best we could. We stuck with the traditional design -- triangle eyes and nose, and ..... as for the smile -- I thought we were safe with a dentist in the house -- be the judge!!

Darby Kate did NOT want to stick her hand down in the pumpkin. After a while, she was willing to touch the insides -- but, not much more than that. She still somehow managed to smear it all over her little body.

i know...I thought a dentist would give him more than TWO teeth -- just kidding, trev -- you did a great job!!

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  1. Love, love all of these pics! The pumpkin carving ones are great, as are the "leaf" ones.

    Bebe and Poppa