Sunday, June 14, 2009

23 Months!!

No more empty promises. Every time I say I'm back to the blogging world, something goes wrong -- whether it be technical difficulties.......or crazy schedules.............or procrastinating.........SO -- here we are for now! Things really have seemed a little on the crazy side. Building a house, starting a new business, having a baby........tends to keep one slightly occupied.

We have reached another monthly milestone -- our "last" one, sorta -- seeing how that once Darbs reaches 2 years old, she will be just that -- TWO. The monthly count thing will go by the wayside. I'll probably say 2 1/2, but no further explanation except for TWO.

23 months-old. What can I say -- she is one STRONG WILLED child! I hear she gets it honest. She wants to do most things on her own, but she wants me right there or holding her while she does them. On a couple of occasions, we have been late for an event because she refuses to put on what I have picked out. Now, remember she gets her strong will honest -- so, what does that mean? It means mama is trying just as hard to get her way! In the clothes category, Darby Kate wins most battles. She will fight so hard to keep from putting the clothes on, and if I do manage to get them on her -- she just about will rip/stretch them to pieces to get them back off!!! Let's not even talk about what she attempts to pick out to wear. (a sweatshirt when its ~90 degrees?!?!!!) She wants to hold everything breakable and spillable. She refuses to sit in the grocery cart, and you have to catch her way off guard to talk her into riding in the stroller. I attempted a trip to Walmart the other day, and after 5 minutes, turned around and walked out due to time constraints. It would have taken me 5 hours to travel several rows!! She would run off, pick up anything and everything, and then throw a fit when I said we had to put it back!! Not fun, I tell ya! I hate to use the phrase "terrible twos", but.............let's definitely say they are "challenging twos" to say the least! BUT, on the positive side -- she can be as sweet as candy. She says "sorry" in the cutest, sweetest voice I've ever heard. She does it in this tone that you just know that she knows she has you right where she wants you. Now she'll say "sorry" then look at me and say "tay, mama? tay?" (are you okay, mama? okay?) She gives the sweetest sugars and hugs ever! If we are resting together, and she's not quite at the sleepy point, she'll get me and say "tickle, tickle, tickle!" She loves to laugh. Loves "nanas" and raisins. She still asks for water when we go to restaurants and Sonic (although she is asking for juice when we're at home more often these days) She enjoys coloring and is learning her colors well. Working on counting.......not as consistent with numbers, yet. She is just very independent in a dependent sort of way. That's the best way I can explain it. With eating, with dressing, with .............EVERYTHING!! And, I can't squeeze her enough -- She is so much fun to snuggle up with. I'm cherishing every moment possible (with possibly the exception of the "Calgon" moments) :) I had similar thoughts before having Darby Kate -- and sad enough, at the time I was comparing it to loving our doggy-children. But, I wonder how I can possibly love babyC2 as much as I love my Darbs. I try and think of how my parents love me. My brother might even argue that they love me more (ha, ha!) So, that helps me out a little. I also think about how many children God has -- and if he can spread his love evenly to a gazillion people -- surely I can share my heart with two. I know I can -- it's just going to have to happen before I can understand it fully.

So much more to say and talk about. Gotta run for now. Will catch you up on our Destin adventure soon -- for now -- here are some pics. (sorry for you facebook followers -- these are repeats!! The editing program that I have been using suddenly disappeared (or at least that's all I know), and it has taken me a while to figure out this other one)

Trevor told me it looked like I had a bun on my head -- the wind was a blowin' that day!!

She's an angel I tell ya! (well.......most of the time)


  1. Jodi:
    Darby is beautiful. I laughed so hard when I was reading your post! Darby sounds so much like my Nate (also very "passionate about getting his way) and me. Tim says I fight like a 6 year old! Your family is beautiful and you will be amazed at how much love there is to go around. I must say for me at least, patience is another story! Hugs, Kara

  2. Thanks, Kara -- your encouragement is much needed and appreciated! Your family is precious (although I would love to be able to see your blog) :) Hope all is well -- :) Jodi