Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July is here!?!

I can't believe we've already entered the month of July. Now, we can say that we are having a baby "next month". Wow -- that's craziness! There seems to be so much left to do and get ready, but...................I know that when the time comes --- we will be just fine. We are not preparing a nursery in our current house. So that takes the stress off there -- but, as far as what kind of rooms Darbs and BabyC2 will have in the new house.........I have NO idea! I really want Darby Kate to have a super girlie room (since she started off in a uni-room), and BabyC2 should be able to have a gender-specific room as well. It's fun to look and shop, but at this point I'm fairly clueless.

This weekend has been so much fun! We went to Hot Springs on Thursday. We were able to go for a "sunset cruise" -- and the weather and water were perfect! Friday, we spent the day with the Baker crew -- on the boat, and some lake swimming for a while, then on to the annual rib cookoff between my dad and Trev. Somehow, every year -- it's a TIE (at least that's what we tell them! :) ) We topped the night off with some homemade ice cream. Let's just say that I probably gained 5-10 lbs in one meal -- it was great!

Darbs woke up fairly early on Friday morning (the sun shines in her room BRIGHT and early). SO, we decided to hang a sheet over her window Friday night. Well, she was either super tired, or it worked -- we were able to sleep in, and she slept until 9:00 Saturday morning! YEAH! After breakfast, we loaded up and headed over to Babe and Poppy's condo. Darbs was able to swim with Maggie for a while at Babe's pool, and we enjoyed a wonderful lunch over there.

Next stop -- back to Hope. We raced back to Hope to make it for the fireworks display they were doing at our church. After a pretty terrific/horrific struggle to get her to wear the dress I was determined for her to wear -- we made it there ~7:45. We enjoyed some hot dogs and chips before the show. I must say -- the fireworks were very impressive! They did a wonderful job. However -- Darby Kate had a different opinion. She giggled and called the first few "pitty" (pretty). The first loud ear-piercing ones sent her clinging to my side. The next set sent her searching for her daddy for refuge. It was pretty cute how she cuddled up in her daddy's arms (and, I know he enjoyed that as well). She joined in on the clapping once the show was over -- although her reasoning was different from everyone else's. Whew! What a day/weekend! No better way to spend one then with family and friends! God bless America!

The following pics are from a trip out to the CC to play golf with Daddy -- he was really sweet with Darbs. Every time we would stop, she would say "I wanna golf, I wanna golf" -- and most every time Trev would let her.

(will have pics from the July 4th weekend soon!)

The Daddy warm-up
getting her tees ready

she followed him everywhere!

too sweet!

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